8 Best Snack Credits for Disney Dining – Magic Kingdom

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

8 Best Snack Credits for Disney Dining – Magic Kingdom

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If you are heading to Disney World and are taking advantage of the Disney Dining Plan you are going to get one snack credit per person per night of your visit.  There are lots of things you can use these snack credits for. But if you are like us, you want to use them well instead of getting bottled water, apples, or forgetting to use them up at the end.

BEST Magic Kingdom Snacks - this is everything you need to know to use your snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan or just to get the best tasting food for the best value at Disney World on your next Disney Vacation. GREAT TIPS!

I've scoured the park trying to find you the yummiest, most unique, and best value you can find. Here are the BEST Disney World snacks!

Before ordering any snack please make sure to confirm that it is still a qualifying Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit item. Inclusions are subject to change and it could be a costly mistake.

Post Revised & Updated February 2016

Top 8 Magic Kingdom Snacks

Best Snack Credit at Disney - Character Cookies

Character Cookies

There are various gift shops where you can pick up these ~ 5” wide decorated cookies. They are yummy and so cute! If you are looking for a wide assortment try the Polynesian Resort gift shop for princess and character cookies.

My kids love picking these up before we head home as we use up the last of our snack credits!

Note: A reader tried one that they did not like and had bought 6. If you are buying a lot, you might want to try one first to make sure they are fresh and to your liking.

Best Snack Credit at Disney -  Fruit Smoothy  Best Snack Credit at Disney - Tomorrowland

Fruit Smoothie

You can get these delicious smoothies in various blends at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Tomorrowland. Our favorite is tropical fruit. These delicious smoothies are not only tasty, but a great way to cool off and rehydrate in the hot Florida weather.

Best Snack Credit at Disney -  HUGE Sundaes

Extra Large Sundaes & Ice Cream Sandwiches

These are the largest most delicious ice cream Sundaes you are going to find at Disney World. You will find lots of ice cream goodies at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street. The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is HUGE!

Best Snack Credit at Disney Magic Kingdom - Dole Pineaple Whip  Best Snack Credit at Disney Magic Kingdom -  Frontierland

Pineapple Float & Pineapple Ice Cream

These are quite possibly my favorite treat at Disney World. They are popular with many guests as is evident by the large lines you will find here. But it is totally worth it. You can find these pineapple refreshments at Aloha Isle in Adventure Land across from the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.

Best Snack Credit at Disney Magic Kingdom -  Mickey Pretzel

Mickey Pretzels

These Mickey Pretzels are just plain fun and and a great pick me up if you are hungry. You can find Mickey Pretzels throughout the park and just under the People Mover in Tomorrowland.

Best Snack Credit at Disney Magic Kingdom -  LeFou's Brew  Best Snack Credit at Disney Magic Kingdom - New Fantasyland Expansion

LeFou’s Brew

This brand new treat found in Gaston’s Tavern in the New Fantasyland Expansion is fantastic! One sip and you’ll be hooked on this refreshing treat. Le Fou’s Brew is frozen apple juice & toasted marshmallow topped with all natural passion fruit-Mango foam.

Best Snack Credit at Disney Magic Kingdom - Gaston's Tavern 

HUGE Cinnamon Roll

This Cinnamon Roll found in Gaston’s Tavern in the New Fantasyland Expansion is not only the largest cinnamon roll you’ve ever seen (the size of a loaf of banana bread) but also one of the tastiest. Save a snack credit and get it in a to go box for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Best Snack Credit at Disney Magic Kingdom - Mickey Ice Cream

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

It just wouldn’t be a Disney vacation without a Mickey Ice Cream Bar or Sandwich. Such a fun treat that will bring a smile to every kids face!


Helpful Hint – Water’s Free!

Ultimate Guide to Disney World FREE You can get a glass of ice water FREE at any snack or counter service facility that has a soda dispenser! Disney makes it easy to rehydrate!


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    2. 1) The character cookies we got at Magic Kingdom and our resort tasted HORRIBLE! The cookie isn't a sugar cookie but a 'honey' cookie. The frosting is a very bitter, hard, inedible icing. We used 6 of our snack credits on these awful things. Before you do the same, buy one cookie and try it out. You may not like it like us.
      2) We learned the hard way that some of the 'extra large' sundaes are not part of the dining plan. At our resort we opted for an ice-cream dessert which you can pick up after you eat your meal. My husband wanted the sundae and I got the cookie ice-cream sandwich. Well apparently the sundae was NOT part of the dining (even though every other dessert on the menu was and I wasn't told different by the person serving me my ice-cream with my receipt). It wasn't until I had to check back out through the line with my receipt as proof that I was scolded that the sundae wasn't part of the dining plan. ALWAYS ask before you order it. It can save you some embarrassment and a scolding by a cast member.

      1. Bummer your cookie wasn't good Nichole! Ours was fantastic! Either they got a new recipe/baker or you got on old batch. I guess lesson learned - try one before you get a lot =)

        You are also correct you should ALWAYS check that something can be bought with a snack credit BEFORE placing your order. What counts for the DDP is always subject to change. Better safe than sorry.