DIY Travel Lego Case

Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY Travel Lego Case

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We love playing lego games at our house. Here is a fun way to take Lego's on the go.
DIY Travel Lego Case #lego #kids

Another thing I threw together before vacation was a Travel Lego Case for Goofy (7) and Minnie (4).

 They are so excited about these – I think these were there favorite thing I brought! And this project is SIMPLE!!

DIY Travel Lego Case

ready to play with legos

All you need is  a Lego case, Lego base (I got mine on eBay for $5), superglue (to attach the base to the inside of the case) and your favorite miniatures & blocks.

inside of my lego case

And there is the finished product with one very excited 7 year old =)

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    1. What a great idea...showed my boy your finished product and he was so excited for me to also do the same...
      By the way, what is the size of the lego base plate you used? Is the case you used the same as the lego minifigures case? thanks...

    2. Mama Garcia,
      Thanks =-) The lego case is the minifigure case. I got a base off of ebay that is 10" x 5"
      Beth =-)

    3. thanks for the your idea...Cheers!

    4. What a great idea! Bookmarked as a future project!

    5. Today, my son in law brought all my granddaughter's lego over to sort them into a a case he bought at the hardware store.. all kinds of compartments plus he had another smaller version. They spent most of the afternoon getting them all color sorted. I had a small pouch that fit all the instruction manuals that came with all her different lego projects.

    6. I love this project and decided it would be a perfect birthday gift for my nephew. I purchased a base and a case, but the 10" X 5" doesn't fit perfectly. Did you cut off the corners or what to get it to fit into the case? If so, how? Thanks.

    7. MJ,

      Yes, we did trim off the very edge of the corner (it is one of the bubbles on each side). Hope that helps =-)


    8. My son is newly into Legos and we're about to fly internationally- 9 hours. I'm definitely going to put one of these together for him. What did you use to trim the base? (A knife or...?)