Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Scratch-Off Cards with free printable

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My kids love scratch-off cards. They always are asking at Kohls if they can do one. This is a really easy way you can make your own scratch off cards - perfect for lots of fun kids activities.

You’ve probably seen lots of make-your-own-scratch-off tutorials popping up on Pinterest. I thought that sounded so cool that I decided to give it a try! (I first saw a tutorial at Little Wonder’s Days) This project was to help my kids practice showing virtue in their daily life. I handed them each a scratch-off card. Each time they were ‘caught’ showing the virtue of kindness they got to scratch off a spot on the card. If they made a match – they won the prize! It was a HUGE hit in our house.

How to make your own Scratch off Cards

First figure out what will be under the scratch off paint. You can use my {free}  Virtue Scratch off Card prizes (like staying up late, extra book, etc.) or pictures for kids to play a matching game. Now print it and laminate it (here is the laminator we own and love)
How to make your own scratch off cards
Mix the scratch-off paint by mixing 1 TAB metallic acrylic paint & 1 TAB dish detergent in a bowl.

How to make your own scratch off cards
Paint over the squares with your scratch off paint.

How to make your own scratch off cards
Allow it to dry a couple of hours and you have your finished scratch off cards.

How to make your own scratch off cards
Your kids are going to LOVE it! My kids think it is a hoot!

DIY Scratch off Cards Kids Activity

How to make your own scratch off cards How to make your own scratch off cards
These are so much fun to scratch off after chores, potty training, as a game, BINGO, and so many more things!
How to make your own scratch off cards

So what scratch-off projects have you made? 

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  1. Thanks for a tutorial. I had thought about using this technique for a spy party that we had recently. What fun! This looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks for the visual tutorial. I'll add this to my list of other ways to make scratch off cards.

  3. That is awesome...the printable for virtues, too!!!

    Can any other paint be used?

  4. Can I just say that I read all the way down to the picture of the paint bottle and them I hopped up and down in my seat?? I have that exact bottle of paint sitting on my shelf right here!! I NEVER have the special supplies needed to make cute things I see on the internet. NEVER. SO many projects fail because I never get to the store or I can't even justify buying some off the wall object. But I have that paint! Thank you!
    Also, on a more normal note, I have that same laminator and it is great. I use it all the time. A great investment. I also bought my lamination pouches on Amazon. You can buy a box of 100 for a very reasonable price, especially compared to the in-store prices.

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