Ultimate Science Curriculum from Supercharged Science

Your homeschool is going to love the Ultimate Science Curriculum from Supercharted Science. This experiment based curriculum is fun and engaging while knowledgeably covering a huge rang of science for kids!
Ultimate Science Curriculum is a hands on, experiment based science curriculum for homeschookers K-8th grade that is fun and engaging!

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Are you one of the few that actually enjoyed Science growing up or maybe you were even a Science major in college?

Well, that’s not me!
I never enjoyed Science growing up. It was b-o-r-i-n-g.

But I really, really want my homeschool kids to love Science. I want it to be fun and engaging so they will be awed by the wonder and beauty God created around us. I want them to be critical thinkers, to investigate, and to be prepared if they decide to enter one of the many science fields in our society today.

One problem . . . .
Like I mentioned, I didn’t like Science. I don’t “talk Science” so how do I teach them Science in a fun, knowledgeable, engaging way?

Answer —-> Ultimate Science Curriculum from Supercharged Science!

What is the Ultimate Science Curriculum?

The ultimate Science Curriculum is a DVD video-based science curriculum. But NO, your kids aren’t going to just sit back and be educated / entertained. This is an engaging, hands-on experiment based science curriculum.

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Who teaches the Ultimate Science Curriculum?image

The teacher on the video is Aurora Lipper. This incredibly engaging and fun to listen to teacher is incredibly qualified. She is a real rocket scientist who is a:

  • mechanical engineer
  • university instructor
  • pilot
  • astronomer
  • and worked for NASA

I found myself wanting to listen to the videos with the kids because it was not only clear enough for the kids to follow, but included enough extra background information that I felt like I was mastering the material with my kids.


What is a lesson like with Ultimate Science Curriculum?

Each Volume includes complete lessons for 2-6 months of Science. Homeschoolers should plan on completing 3-5 volumes for a complete year of Science Curriculum.

  • Hands on experiment guided by a step-by-step instructional short video
  • Academic information in your Student Pages to support the lesson
  • Exercises and quizzes to follow up the lesson


Here is what your lesson will look like: You gather the easy to find supplies listed in the PDF. Your child watches the short (about 5 minute) video explaining how to do the experiment. You complete the experiment. The you read the information in the PDF (about 1-2 pages) explaining the science behind the experiment. Then you can go over the follow-up questions allowed or have your child write them down.

How to Use Ultimate Science Curriculum as your Homeschool Science Curriculum

Each volume is a complete unit to teach children 1st-8th grade. Here is an example of what programs to do in what grades 1st-8th grade
(High School Volumes are coming soon)

What I LOVE about the Ultimate Science Curriculum

Making a ring FLY using Magnetism from Ultimate Science CurriculumThe Ultimate Science Curriculum way exceeded my expectations! Again, this is not a sit back and just be taught video series. This is a wonderfully, engaging hands-on science course kids will love! I was super impressed by Aurora Lipper and how well she taught each video segment. The experiments were easy to complete and I love that the lesson is based on the experiment and not the other way around like so many curriculums that just “tag along a science experiment at the end”.

  • No expensive textbooks to buy
  • Easy to complete experiments without hard to find, expensive ingredients
  • Easy to follow, engaging lessons for not only kids, but adults too!
  • Huge variety of volumes/topics to choose from
  • Makes Science FUN!

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Get started with this fun, hands-on science curriculum right away. You can order the volume of your choice for only $74.95!

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