April 2, 2019
The Orphan Crisis and How to Help

The Orphan Crisis and How to Help


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Just two months ago our daughter was an orphan. Today she smiles and giggles at her four siblings and my husband and me. Without us or families like us she would be in an orphanage or worse–abandoned on a side street in the dark.
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The Orphan Crisis and How to Help

What is the Orphan Crisis?

Children across the world are being denied homes because on our own American soil the Department of State (DOS) has decided to play political games instead of ensuring these innocent, and highly vulnerable children are allowed to come home with their forever families. They are forcing reputable, moral agencies to close their doors through subterfuge and refusing to review their up-to-date documentation in a timely manner.

Faith International’s story is sickening when we see what control the this entity is trying to exert. My heart aches for them since we worked with this simply amazing agency to adopt our daughter, but many adoption agencies across the country are experiences the same treatment or worse.

Why is the DOS Trying to Stop International Adoptions?

That is a great question! One that none in the international adoption community can seem to figure out. Stories like this are bringing the adoption world to their knees in fear for the future and prayer for those affected in the present. From what we understand the State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues (OCI) chief Trish Maskew, has been changing things and not for the better. This article explains in more detail.

How Can I Make a Difference?

I’m a simple, homeschooling mom to five kids! We can make a difference together!

  • First, easily follow this link and sign the petition asking the White House to look into the declining rate of international adoption. We still need 70,000 signatures by April 16th! Sign, then share, share share!
  • Second, write to your senators and representatives! If you need ideas on what to say, this article can help.
  • Third, if you know someone in government offices that can help or adoption advocates that can raise awareness then let’s get connected. We need to get this more in the public limelight! Let’s use our social media for good!

Thank you for caring about the world’s innocent and vulnerable. Thank you for taking five minutes of your day to make a profound difference in the even life of one child.


This is our daughter. If she had been born just a couple of months later she would not be in our arms. The future of so many children and families are in limbo, including the Japanese sibling we wanted to bring home at a future date.

YOU can change the world one signature, call, tweet, or email at a time.


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