April 2, 2019

Sing Spell Read and Write (K – 2nd grade)


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We love our homeschool Language Arts program so much I just wanted to share it with you. So in case you are new to homeschooling or just looking for some language arts recommendations, we love Sing Spell read & Write.

Sing Spell Read & Write Review

I love, love, love this program! It has EVERYTHING you need to teach your kiddos to write AND read: workbooks, practice making letters, games, reinforcements, songs, beginner readers, wall charts, and even rewards! Sing Spell Read and Write Homeschool Language Arts

Two years of complete language arts & writing will cost $230 total for both K & 1st Grade (you can reuse 75% of it for a 2nd child!). It includes CD & Cassettes of all the songs, treasure box, games, 2 Kindergarten books (All Aboard and On Track), 6 Kindergarten readers, Level 1 books (Off we Go, Raceway Book, Teacher Guide, plus 2 Assessment Book) plus 17 readers. Remember that it will only be this expensive for the 1st child as most of the cost is in the readers, games & CD. Subsequent children would only need to buy workbooks (~$12 each)

Kindergarten Language Arts

This program will thoroughly prepare your child to write letters (upper and lower case), the sounds the letters make, practice fine motor skills (writing, coloring, cutting), and help your child begin to read with confidence.  I LOVE this program and plan to use it for each and every one of my children!! Their were readers that my kids colored and made into a book as well as the 5 that you buy separately. They do such a great job of adding words little by little as your child is ready so they can read the new book with confidence. You can buy both books & readers from Pearson for $76)

  • All Aboard – The first book will have practice writing letters on one side and then a coloring sheet on the back (so for practice making B’s it might have a bear on back) – My son looked forward to coloring when he finished making his letters. It will go through all letters upper and lower case using large ruled paper.
  • On Track – Will help your child gain more confidence as he begins to read with the super full cut out/slide & read (as pictured below). They will also do other worksheets that help find beginning sound, rhyming, which came first, etc. Your child will also make their own story books – something my son looked forward to. You tear them out of the book, color them, fold them & read! Then there will be some worksheets to help with reading comprehension. My son was always so proud of his books! Finally, there are 6 color story books you will use. You will be told when to read them. They are sweet stories featuring animals. You will be amazed how much your kids can read because of how this series teaches kids.
Kindergarten Lanugage Arts ProgramSing Spell Read & Write KindergartenDevelopmentally appropriate Kindergarten Readers
  • For the entire year there are fun songs to sing that will help teach letter sounds, blends, vowels, etc . PLUS there are games to reinforce the same concept. (NOTE: You will need to purchase them separately or purchase level 1 to have these on hand!) As much fun as they were, I wouldn’t buy the series just for the games.But don’t miss the 2 workbooks & readers – they are a MUST and your kids will be well on their way to writing & reading with confidence!
  • I find Leap Frog Letter Factory to be superb at teaching letter sounds. (Buy talking words factory & Code Word Caper to work on reading & blends). We got a couple leap frog games like go fish that work beautifully. The songs are fun & catchy, but the Leapfrog songs are probably even more so. These DVD’s are a MUST in my book!

Spelling Gmaes in 1st Grade Langauge Arts

Now you can start level 1 when your child has finished the Kindergarten books OR if your child can already read many sight words & knows how to make letters well). For Level 1 you should buy  the kit with all content in picture below:
Sing Spell Read & Write Level 1 Kit

  • Teacher book
  • Off We Go
  • Raceway Book
  • Assessment
  • 17 phonetic storybook readers
  • Cd & cassettes
  • Treasure chest (with prizes included)
  • Raceway chart
  • Phonics Placemat
  • 5 games 

You can purchase it from Amazon or Christianbook.com most inexpensively.

NOTE: You can reuse almost all of this with other children so the cost is really in the wonderful readers.

  • Off We Go – This is pretty much review of the letters & what they say. I realize that a lot of children forget about 20% over the summer (sad!!) so this may be necessary. But we started Level 1 during the school year so found this to be completely unnecessary if using this for 1st grade. This actually helped me make up my mind that we will not take summers 100% off – I don’t want to loose that much material over the summer!!! YIKES!  So for us, we skipped it entirely! However, if you use level 1 for your Kindergartner, don’t skip this book.
  • Raceway Book – We are currently using & loving this book. There is a Raceway laminated chart to put on the wall so your child can visualize their process – 36 steps to independent reading. Goofy enjoys moving his car around the track! There is a teach book with instructions to go along with it & an Assessment book to use after each letter reader to help evaluate how your child is doing.  After a couple lessons of singing songs about vowels & what letter says along with review worksheets and games you will get into the ‘meat’ of the program. Your child will then become comfortable blending words. Then the weeks continue in this format (encouraging you to GO AT YOUR CHILD’S PACE!!)
    • List of new words (read, write, spell)
    • Read from phonetic story book (in kit)
    • Answer comprehension questions
    • Do reinforcement fun worksheets
    • Take assessment test

2nd Grade Language Arts for Homeschoolers

We continued using Sing Spell Read and Write for 2nd grade. I was a little nervous as their is no boxed set this year, but we are loving it and my son is thriving. He is reading well above grade level and is learning so many important Language Arts Skills in a fun, natural way.

  • Grand Tour I Student Book – This complete language arts program will teach your child reading, writing, spelling, grammar, and comprehension. You;ll find these pages are easy to explain and let your child do on their own. There are 10 coordinating spelling words per lesson – the perfect number for kids (in my opinion).  
  • Grand Tour II Student Book – book #2 same as above
  • Level 2 Storybook Readers – We love that the readers this year teach us about US States. They have a lot of great information presented in a fun way that my child can read. We are combining this with hands on activities for our 2nd Grade Social Studies. 
  • Level 2 Assessments – at only $6.99 they are a great way to evaluate if your child is learning everything they should be.
  • You will continue to use the CD from Level 1
We did not purchase the teacher’s manual (it costs $150 – yikes!) or the Level 2 CD ($30). I have not found that we miss them and the program works well without it. I would just make sure to add writing assignments at least every week or so.
The cheapest place to buy all the different components is Christian Books Distributor.

Sing Spell Read & Write is our Favorite Homeschool Language Arts Program

This program is my favorite I’ve seen for Language Arts. It is perfect for homeschoolers who teach kids with different strengths and weaknesses as it appeals to them all in a different way. For me as a Mom with no teaching background it spoke to me in plain English (check out the other curriculums and you’ll get what I mean!).  Again, all along they encourage you to learn through all your senses: sing, read, interact, write, etc.

Like I said earlier – I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! I feel like it is really well thought through and that words are presented in a great order so that kids can start to read on their own & feel confident.  After each lesson they encourage you to let your child pick something from the treasure chest as a reward (included in the kit).

We love Sing Spell Read and Write for Homeschool Language ArtsJanuary 2012 2294

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    Rodine Lynn Palermo

    Thank you for your descriptions concerning all the workbooks and levels for the Sing Spell Rad and Write. I was having a hard time trying to find the right level and what they taught. You helped
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      Happy to help!