April 2, 2019
5 FUN & Effective Methods for Reviewing

5 FUN & Effective Methods for Reviewing


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Our children’s job is learning. So how effective are we at teaching them so they are retaining what they’ve learned. Here are 5 FUN, effective methods of reviewing what kids have learned. Great for use in classrooms, homes, summer learning, and homeschooling for elementary age kids K-6th grade.

Learning - 5 FUN and effective review methods for kids of all ages K-6th grade. Great for parents, teachers, classrooms, and homeschoolers.

How much does your child remember about the last chapter of science they read?

How much will they remember a year from now?

Unfortunately, statistics tell us that you will only remember 5% of what you learn from a lecture or 10% of what you’ve read from a book

Yikes! That doesn’t seem like a good approach for learning or a wise use of our time.

However, we are told that we retain 75% off material when we review what we’ve learned.

Review is the key!

*According to NTL Institute in Bethel, Maine

5 Ways to Retain 75% of Learning

Since practice is the key to retaining 75% of what we learn versus 10% from only reading, here are 5 fun, effective, and unique methods of learning for kids to review what you’ve learned.

Review by Singing!

Kathy Troxel has a song to learn, review, and practice just about everything. Whether it is math facts, state capitals, Bible, grammar, solar system facts, and lots more!

If you have a kid who likes to sing this is very effective.


Review by Reading!

Reading good quality books is a great way for kids to keep facts and concepts fresh in their mind.

Review by Watching Videos!

I think there is a place for educational programs to review what you’ve learned. The things kids have learned will come alive and be reinforced in a fun, memorable, and easy-to-prepare way.


Review with Flashcards!

Flashcards provide us with the convenience and portability of learning and reviewing facts anywhere! Which of these flashcards do you have?


Review with Games!

Nothing quite captures a child’s interest like a game! 

Up to now you’ve had to pick the topic and then find or purchase (usually $15-30) a game focused solely on those facts. Although fun and effective for learning and retaining information, that can get expensive and hard to store!

Now you can have fun reviewing ANY subject/topic with these FUN, professionally printed, and reusable games from Hungry Minds

  • Learn or Review ANYTHING (and then reuse it to learn something else)
  • Ages 5-11
  • Includes 4 different games
  • 1-6 Players
  • Works for classrooms, homeschoolers, and parents at home
  • All 4 games are stored conveniently in one box
  • Pre-Order Hungry Minds Study Games and SAVE! Only $25 for all 4 games; includes shipping anywhere in North America. (shipping September 2015)

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