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Tips to Save BIG on Toys

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Get a jump start on your Christmas holiday shopping or your child’s next birthday present with these tried and true tips to save money on buying toys. Plus some great toys now at a fantastic deal!
Tips to Save BIG on Toys

Tips to Save BIG on Toys

Christmas Planner or Procrastinator?

Do you plan ahead on Christmas presents or do you race around buying things last minute? I’m a BIG planner. BIG! I have a gift cabinet in the basement filled with great finds I know the kids will like at different stages of their development. Then at birthdays or Christmas I just rummage through my cabinet to find just the right presents and only have to get to the store to supplement here and there are needed.This saves us TONS of money and precious time around birthdays and Christmas!


How to save BIG Money on Toys

Despite the hyped up Thanksgiving and Christmas sale season, you can often find way better deals other times of the year!  (Did you know they often raise the prices of toys around Christmas to make them look like they are better deals?) Here are some tips for saving big money on toys any time of the year!

1)  Only buy classic toys or toys you know  they will like in the next 12 months!

If you just buy anything and everything you see on sale you’ll end up with an expensive pile to one day go to Goodwill or in a garage sale. Classic toys like Legos, Playmobile, Disney Princess Barbies & clothes, Hot Wheels, Science sets and more do not go out of style. Buy wisely!

2)  Buy Only the BIG Sales

If you are going to get things ahead that take up space make sure that you buy only when the deals are really, really good. 15% off just isn’t going to cut it.  You are looking for 30% off or more. And don’t forget when you find a great toy at a garage sale that you can put it in your gift cabinet (or box) instead of just giving it to your child to immediately play with. (I mean how many of them are truly toy deprived, right?)

3)  Save BIG on Toys Year Round

  • Amazon Deals Year Round – subscribe to Amazon deals, follow favorite blogs to see great deals, or check their deal of the day.
  • Target – (My favorite local spot to get quality, discount toys!) Check the end caps of the toy isle for discounted toys. Remember to only buy when toys get to 30-90% off.  Target typically goes 30% for a long time, then 50% off. They will get to 75% and rarely 90% off. But keep checking and check regularly. They have LOTS the weeks after Christmas. Next biggest time is after the season and finally just random ones here and there are they move around their inventory.
  • Garage Sales, FREE Cycle, and Craig’s List – Like I mentioned above, garage sales are a great place to buy great used toys for a fraction of the cost. Save toys for birthdays or Christmas to get the most bang for your buck!
  • Ebay – If your child is looking for a particular item (or a treasured childhood favorite) Ebay is a great place to look. You will want to start watching & bidding 6-9 months out to ensure you get a good deal and don’t end up spending more on an impulse buy. Watch the average price first, then start bidding low. Chances are over 6 months you will get what you are looking at for a steal-of-a-deal!

Some of our Favorite Toys on SALE Now!

Right now you can get some of our favorite, classic toys on sale. So start stocking up and saving now!

40% off! Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register

science lab

40% off! Learning Resources Science Play Lab

34% off! Playmobile Mobile Home

34% off KidCraft Dollhouse WITH Furniture!

21% off! Lego Coast Guard Set

30% off! Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

32% off! Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

25% off! Magnetic Stick N Stack 100 pc’s CLASSIC Set


50% off! Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD

What are your Tips for Saving BIG on Presents?

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