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30 Household Items to Make Yourself

If you are into natural products and even better things you can make yourself, here are 30 household items to make yourself.
Organic Shampoo - You have 2 choices: Buy it from a convenient online company where we buy all our toiletries OR make it yourself. Here are 30 household items you can EASILY make yourself

Why Use Non-Traditional Products?

My family has been on a quest to use “natural” chemical free products.

About 5 years ago now my sister introduced me to the Environmental Working Group which has a huge online data base for you to see what is actually in every product and what the health concerns are if any.  Once I was able to see how harsh and unsafe the products I was using were – it was time to make a switch. For good!

Because I am a busy Mom of three and was just learning to forgo the convenient, sweet smelling, attractively packaged products I had always bought; the ones that are easy to buy as they are at any store, I decided I still wanted to “buy” my products. But it had to be somewhere safe. It took a lot of research and searching but slowly but surely I was able to find everything we needed and I actually liked the products.

Buying Convenient, Safe Products for your Family

Then 2 years ago I ‘met’ the Honest Company. This was even better! All their stuff was safe and finally oh, so convenient. I could buy things one at a time or have a repeating order of what we used every month – LOVE it!

Make your Own Safe Products

I’ve started making some things myself. I now exclusively use Vinegar to clean my kitchen, bathroom, and floors. I’ve also found Olive oil is a fantastic wood polisher. But at some point, when/if I am ready to take the plunge to making a whole slew of things from laundry detergent to glue, lotion to conditioner myself I will be going back to this pin of 30 Products You’ll Never Buy Again from DIY Ready.


So, where do you get SAFE products for your family?

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