28 of the Best BBQ Recipes

It’s grilling season! If you’re looking for some beat-the-heat, fun, and Best BBQ Recipes, you’ve found the right place! Whether you’re just grilling out with your family, or hosting a neighborhood barbecue, you’ll find the best recipes for the occasion here. These are also great recipes for a Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day party.

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Best BBQ Recipes

I was recently invited to a backyard barbecue that several of these recipes were featured. I looked up some yummy ones to add to the list, to make this the ultimate compilation! The food choices were so memorable because they were classic, comfort food, and great for adults and kids of all ages.That’s what makes food and outside parties enjoyable – delicious food that pleases a crowd and provides the opportunity to gather around the picnic table together. So try these, and enjoy the company you’re with!

Barbecue Recipes

These perfect main dishes will tempt your guests and please your family. They’re perfect for when you just want to grill out on a summer evening as well as host a kickin’ party!
Barbecue Main Dishes
  1. What is hands-down the most popular food to serve at a barbecue? Hamburgers, of course! Try these yummy Slaw Burgers.
  2. Another great way to top a hamburger is to add a complimentary homemade sauce, such as in this All-American Burger with Special Sauce.
  3. BBQ Pulled Pork (in the crockpot – – Yes!) is just right for eating outside. The drips on the ground won’t matter except that you will be disappointed to have lost a juicy bite of your sandwich!
  4. These Orange-glazed Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks will knock your socks off. Make sure you buy enough chicken for everyone to have two – or three! because they will certainly go fast.
  5. Smoked Barbecue Babyback Ribs are a popular main item, and these just fall off the bone.
  6. Love all things hot ‘n spicy? Try this Jalapeno Barbecue Bacon Chicken Sandwich.
  7. It’s not all that common to find turkey on the menu at a barbecue – but these Teriyaki Turkey Kabobs will become just that once you try them and see how incredible they are.
  8. Skewers are always fun, so you have to try making these Honey Mustard Sausage and Potato ones!
  9. It’s so easy to make some Barbecue Chicken with a simple overnight marinade.
best bbq recipes

Barbecue Salads

Simple and easy is always great, so most times just grilling up some veggies beside your main meal is good enough. However, if you want to try something that is just a little extra – these sides are a good bet!

Barbecue Salad Dishes
  1. The Classic Tuna and Pasta Salad is a good choice, and could very well be the main dish too!
  2. Another pasta salad you’ll want to try is this Easy BLT Pasta Salad. The bacon crunch and the creamy dressing is just perfect.
  3. Take two summer veggies – carrots and zucchini – and make them into a zesty salad. The Carrot and Zucchini Barbecue Salad is a creative and tasty mix!
  4. Don’t buy pre-made potato salad when this Veggie-Loaded Potato Salad is so easy to make, and is much more nutritious!


Barbecue Side Dishes

Any of these side dishes would go well with the above main courses. Pick two or three of them to offer your guests a variety of options for a colorful plate!

Barbecue Side Dishes
  1. Can’t get enough BBQ flavor? Try this side dish – a Barbecue Black Bean and Corn Dip! It goes great with corn chips or Fritos Scoops.
  2. That barbecue pork you made (listed above)? Offer some potatoes and toppings to go with it to make this healthy option: BBQ Pork Baked Potato Nachos.
  3. Caprese Kabobs contain three of my favorite summertime ingredients: juicy tomatoes, fresh basil, and cold mozzarella.
  4. Sometimes the best things are the simplest things. A fresh fruit salad, made with seasonal berries and melons is always a good choice for any summer meal. Simply slice up a watermelon and leave the rind for holding, and folks will be happy!
  5. These Mozzarella Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Onions are savory and delicious! They are my husband’s favorite grilled side dish.

Delicious Desserts for a Barbecue

You can’t host a barbecue without a generous little sweet offer at the end of the meal! Make any of these delicious and easy summertime desserts.

Delicious Desserts for a Barbecue
  1. Cook your dessert right on the grill! At the same time, wow your guests by making these Banana S’mores.
  2. Ok, seriously now, wouldn’t these Grill Cupcakes just be the perfect dessert? Who in their right mind would disagree?
  3. Plan ahead the day before your event, and put these Chunky Fruit Popsicles into the freezer. They’ll be ready to serve the next day.
  4. One of my favorite cookies to bake are these Monster Cookies. They’re perfect for absolutely any occasion!

Refreshing Drinks for a Barbecue

Sodas and juice boxes in a cooler of ice are always a welcome sight for your friends and family. But how about trying one or two special drink recipes? Here are a few choices!

Refreshing Drinks for a Barbecue
  1. Prepare a simple Lemonade with a few sliced lemons to put into it. Garnish a glass with another lemon wedge and a colorful straw for serving, and it’s a simple and easy drink!
  2. This Delicious Peach Lemonade Slush is incredible – the vodka is absolutely unnecessary, making it perfect for everyone on your guest list!
  3. Make this “fishy” sparkling juice drink for the kids. The fresh fruit and cold fizz will make them beg for more.
  4. Watermelon Agua Fresca is a refreshing, slightly sweet, slightly tart drink that your whole family will love.
No matter what the event, your family and friends will be delighted with these 28 BBQ Recipes that are always a hit. Try them today, and you won’t be disappointed.

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