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20 Fun and Clever Syllable Activities

Teaching syllable concepts can be fun AND does not have to take up too much time in a day. Following you will find lots of Fun and Clever Syllable Activities to teach syllables to your children n a super fun way.

20 Fun and Clever Syllable Activities for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade for homeschool, learning centers

Clever Syllable Activities

Make your own Syllable Punch Cards using stickers and then punching the syllables with a hand puncher (working on strengthening those hand muscles too).

Divide words into syllables using Lego: a hands-on activity that everyone will love!

Use bang snaps and make some noise while breaking up words or use hand clappers, so much fun making noise while learning!

syllable activities for kids

Play this muffin tin game or number brown bags and sort pictures according to syllables like these syllable bags.

Make apple reading cards or match toys like this syllable tray activity.

Add some movement to the learning experience by playing Sound hop or Syllable Twister, so fun! Or tape away with Straw counting!

Easter eggs are perfect to hide and then find the eggs that match to make the correct words that is broken up into syllables.

Another clever idea is to use a pool noodle to make a syllable caterpillar!

practice syllables with these fun educational activities for kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade

Use these no prep ideas to fill some gaps in your day or print this Minute syllable activities to use throughout the day.

There are all kinds of free printable activities available online that are perfect to use in class or at home: Sorting mats,Syllable Counting CardsClip cardsJigsaws and Cookie jar sorting.

For a fun seasonal activity, try this free printable St Patricks Day Syllable Sort activity.

20 fun, hands on syllable activities to make learning aout syllables fun for kids

So many super fun syllable activities your students will love learning again!


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