Christmas Fluffy Slime Recipe

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christmas Fluffy Slime Recipe

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his Christmas Fluffy Slime Recipe is such a fun slime recipe, perfect Christmas activities for kids.
Christmas Fluffy Slime  - This easy slime recipe is so amazing! It is fun to play with, fluffy and is made with contact solution and shaving cream. This is one of the best Christmas activities for kids, family, and preschool.

Christmas Activities for Kids

Fluffy Slime Recipe

pour elmers white glue in a bowl

Start off by pouring a 4 oz bottle of glue in a bowl. That's 1/2 cup.

add green food coloring

Add green food coloring to the glue and mix well.

HINT: You want it to be a very dark green color as it will lighten up considerably later.

add in contact solution to make contact solution slime

Add in 4 tablespoons contact solution and mix well; it will start to thicken.Make sure you use regular contact solution, not a sensitive eye solution.

add shaving cream to make shaving cream slime

Add in about 1/2 can of whit shaving cream and mix well. The cheap stuff is fine, just make sure you don't mind the smell!

fluffy slime recipe

Now you have some beautifully stretchy, slimy, fluffy slime!

fun to play with fluffy shaving cream slime recipe

This slime not only moves and flows in a fun-to-play-with-way, but it is so fluffy!

shaving cream slime

How beautiful is this shaving cream slime? It moves so beautifully!

slime recipe

This slime recipe makes beautiful sheets too. It is just so beautiful to watch flow!

easy slime recipe

This is such an easy slime recipe that kids will love making!

making slime

Making slime is fun, but playing with it is even BETTER!

Christmas slime is such a fun Christmas activity for kids

Sorry, I just can't stop sharing pictures of this slime because it is just so beautiful to watch flow through my kiddos hands!

Christmas activities for kids

And if your kiddo ever gets tired of watching the slime move through their fingers, we love using these mini ornaments to decorate it as a Christmas tree or wreath.

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