April 2, 2019

Valentine Cookies Bath for Kids


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Fun themed Valentine’s day bath kids activity.
Valentines Day Cookie themed bath for kids. This is a fun kids activities for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Grab a bowl, spatula, sprinkles and head to the bathroom! Yep, you heard me right. We are making some ‘Valentine Cookies’ for our Valentine’s Inspired Bath!
January 2013 052
I put a couple drops of neon pink food coloring in the water and added plastic heart cookie cutters (they floated!) Then I added some medium size heart sprinkles,  (they stayed intact for 30 minutes). I can’t be the only one with an abundance of holiday sprinkles in my cupboards!?!?
Valentine Bath 2
The kids had bowls, spatulas, empty spice jars, and measuring teaspoons/cups to mix up their batter. Then they stuck craft foam hearts I had cut out into the oven I drew on the wall (sorry it’s kind of hard to see).  Then they put them on the cookie sheet to decorate. I had shaving cream “frosting” for them to spread and more sprinkles!
January 2013 049
It was a HUGE hit! The kids had a blast mixing, pouring, spreading, and especially going nuts with the sprinkles!  They came up with some beautiful creations!
January 2013 121
Tinker bell even decided she’d decorate herself with sprinkled. Can you see it in her hair? And it all washed out easily when we washed up.

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