April 2, 2019
Top 10 Best Character Interactions in Disney World

Top 10 Best Character Interactions in Disney World


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If you are planning  your trip to Disney World you will not want to miss these Top 10 Best Character Interactions in Disney World!
Top 10 Best Character Interactions in Disney World - lots of great tips and tricks for your next family vacation to walt disney world!

From amazing rides to delicious food, Disney World is packed with awesome things to see and do. That said, for young kids and kids at heart, nothing quite beats the magic of meeting a favorite Disney character. After all, what could be cooler than seeing a well-known cartoon character in real life? Answer: nothing.
While every single one of the character meet-and-greets in Disney World is pretty cool, there are definitely some that stand out. Considering the fact that many people are limited on time when they visit the most magical place on earth, knowing which meet-and-greets are the best can be majorly helpful.
Therefore, I have compiled a list of my top 10 character interactions to help you decide who you would like to meet during your next trip.

Top 10 Best Character Interactions in Disney World

#1: Mickey Mouse: Town Square Theater, Magic Kingdom
Let’s start with the main man himself. Mickey Mouse can be found in various places throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. However, the Mickey found at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom is unlike any other on property. That’s because this giant mouse talks. That’s right, everyone’s favorite character can actually carry on a full fledged conversation now!
Top 10 Best Character Interactions in Disney World
#2: Gaston: Gaston’s Tavern, Magic Kingdom
If you enjoy watching Gaston’s ridiculous antics in Beauty and the Beast, you will love him even more in real life. Found right outside of Gaston’s Tavern, this villian who we all love to hate is full of self-absorbed banter. Be sure to stop on by and bring your attitude to get him riled up for a really silly time.
#3: Belle: Enchanted Tales with Belle, Magic Kingdom
Belle is a lovely princess on her own of course, but if you have a Belle fan in your party, you simply must meet her by visiting the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction. The queue to see this show takes you through Belle’s home and her father’s workshop, and the effects seen during the performance are incredible. Best of all, the kids get to participate in the show, playing favorite Beauty and the Beast characters. At the end of it all, every young actor is given the opportunity to meet Belle in person.
#4: Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella: Behind the Castle, Magic Kingdom or at the 1900 Park Fare Character Dianne
Another hilarious villain meet-and-greet can be found on the back side of the castle in Magic Kingdom. Here you will find Lady Tremaine and her two daughters, also known as the Wicked Stepmother and the Ugly Stepsisters from Cinderella. These ladies are a hoot! Be sure to mention Cinderella, or better yet, dress up as the classic princess to see what will happen.
#5: Buzz Lightyear: Next to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Magic Kingdom
Generally speaking, masked characters aren’t quite as fun as face characters because they are unable to talk. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, and Buzz is one of them. This space ranger is big on the action poses, and he will insist that you join him. This is the place to go for a fun family photo.
Top 10 Best Character Interactions in Disney World
#6: Merida: Between Tomorrowland and the Castle, Magic Kingdom
Looking for an energy boost? Skip the coffee and go see Merida instead. This young princess’ energy is seemingly unlimited and contagious to boot. The area she meets in offers activities such as coloring and archery for the kids, and the greet itself is tons of fun, with plenty of chatting and all-around silliness.
#7: Ariel: Ariel’s Grotto, Magic Kingdom
Another energetic character, Ariel is great fun to meet in her Grotto. She sits perched upon a seashell and tends to wave hello with her tail fin. Try talking with her about marine creatures or asking
questions about her underwater world. She is always glad to talk and her bubbly personality is lots of fun. Don’t forget to get a fish face photo!
#8: Anna and Elsa: Norway Pavilion, Epcot
For a while there it was nearly impossible to get in to see these popular sisters. However, the crowds have died down a bit now, and they are well worth the 45–60 minute wait. Each of the sisters has her own, unique personality, and both are great at talking about absolutely anything your child may bring up. Encourage your kids to make conversation for the best experience here.
#9: Mary Poppins: UK Pavilion, Epcot
True to her nature, Mary Poppins offers a “practically perfect” meet-and-greet. She is her typical, slightly snooty self, offering unsolicited advice to her visitors and sticking her nose up at the
occasional comment. However, she is also nice enough and her snooty personality can create quite the show.
#10: Chip and Dale: Campfire Sing Along, Fort Wilderness
Kids who enjoy dancing and singing will love our final pick. The nightly campfire at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is open to all Disney visitors and it’s a great way to wind down after a long day. A nearby stand sells s’mores supplies and an entertainer plays traditional campfire songs while encouraging the audience to sing and dance along. Finally, toward the end of the event, Chip and Dale come out for hugs, pictures, and even a bit of dancing.
These are my top 10 character meet-and-greet picks. Have one you would add? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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