November 12, 2022
Thanksgiving STEM Project

Thanksgiving STEM Project


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As the holidays approach, it gets difficult to concentrate on school work. You probably already use the Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to talk about history, but have you thought about doing a Thanksgiving science project?

Thanksgiving STEM Project

What about Thanksgiving math?

Thanksgiving technology or engineering?

Today I’d like to share some Thanksgiving themed STEM projects that you won’t want to miss. Rather than making a huge list, I chose just ten STEM projects that everyone ought to try at some point. Some are great for older students, and some will appeal to your younger students.

Thanksgiving STEM Project

Engineering projects that show the technology of the first Thanksgiving

Make your own boat that really floats, and learn what it took for the sailors to get the Pilgrims to the new world. (from Thriving STEM)

Make your own Quadrant and learn to navigate like the sailors did. (from Adventures in Mommydom)

Grow some popcorn. You probably remember that the Native Americans introduced the Pilgrims to the amazing food of popcorn. Their contribution in teaching the settlers to farm was vital. What better way to understand that gift, than by growing your own popcorn?  (Steve Spangler Blog)


Thanksgiving Science and Engineering

Dye some popcorn to use as a decoration on your Thanksgiving table. (from JDaniel4’s Mom)

Engineer a hanging pumpkin. This would make a great decoration to great guests as they arrive for your Thanksgiving meal. (Thriving STEM)

Build structures with cranberries. These would make awesome table decorations for your Thanksgiving feast, or would be a fun project for the cousins to do together. (Little Bins for Little Hands.

Thanksgiving Math

These Pattern Block Turkeys are a wonderful STEAM activity. Perfect for adding to your festive decor (Buggy and Buddy).

Practice working with circumference and diameter– on a pumpkin! (Gift of Curiosity)

Make a pumpkin into a Geoboard. This is a project that you could set up several weeks before the holiday and enjoy all month. (Little Bins for Little Hands)

Practice numbers with this Roll a Cornucopia activity. This is a perfect learning activity for those days immediately before the holiday when it gets hard to concentrate. (from Three Dinosaurs)

Happy learning, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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