November 12, 2022
Scripture Memory Puzzles

Scripture Memory Puzzles


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Have fun memorizing verses or passages of scripture in your homeschool with these easy to make and fun to use Scripture Memory Puzzles!  These puzzles are a great hands-on way to memorize bible verses in your Bible curriculum or faith-based after school activities, like Awana!
Scripture Memory Puzzles - help kids memorize Bible verses with this fun, hands on activity for kids. (Sunday school, Bible, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade)

Memorizing scripture is important to many families;  It’s actually one of my New Year’s Resolutions for my family.  Knowing scripture encourages us when we are down, helps us know right from wrong, make decisions, guide us, etc!  It also helps us learn and know the Word of God!
To help my 3rd grader memorize various Bible verses, I made some easy Scripture Memory Puzzles using foam.  Alternatively, you could use card stock or construction paper, however I would encourage you to laminate them for durability!

Scripture Memory Puzzles

Choose a verse or two that you would like your child to memorize.  Write the verse on a piece of foam.  Give yourself plenty of space to write the verse so that you can cut it apart.  Next, cut out the verse into a puzzle with a pair of scissors.  You could do this several different ways.

Bible Verse Puzzles

After you have written (or printed) the memory verse, cut the memory verse line by line.
Scripture Memory Puzzles

Next, cut the scripture verse by word.  Another fun way to use this scripture memory puzzle is to add magnets to the back and use it on the fridge!

bible verse puzzles

Another option is by cutting the verse into an actual puzzle randomly.

Scripture Memory Puzzles
Once your Scripture Memory Puzzles are ready, mix up the pieces and have your child enjoy this hands-on way to work on memorizing those verses by putting the puzzles back together!


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