April 2, 2019

P is for Pooh Bear


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In honor of Winnie the Pooh Author A.A. Milne’s birthday on January 18th, we had a P is for Pooh Bear week! We watched our favorite Pooh Videos (classic series where they are 15 minutes each), read Pooh books, crafted, did learning worksheets, and had a birthday party for A.A.Milne!
Here is our birthday party for A.A.Milne: We invited friends Pooh & Eeyore, blew up balloons, wore old Pooh party hats, sang happy Birthday, and ate cupcakes to celebrate. After we finished eating we played some balloon games and watched Winnie the Pooh Blustery Day (our favorite!)
January 2012 1927

January 2012 1937January 2012 1963January 2012 1946

Favorite worksheets from my {FREE} 40 pages Pooh Pack:

  • Match the Pooh Character to the Animal it represents, Pooh Character Puzzle, Shape Sort
January 2012 1834January 2012 1836January 2012 1837
  • Practice making “P’s” and Stamping to Build Words
January 2012 1838January 2012 1859
  • Color Matching, Pooh Memory & Patterns
January 2012 1856January 2012 1840
  • Match the first letter of the Character Names & Alphabet Practice Puzzle
January 2012 1857January 2012 1882
  • What Season cut & paste activity and Pooh coloring sheet
January 2012 1861January 2012 1865
  • Practice Counting 1-100 –  by 1s, 10s, and 5s and Learning about Sticky Vowels
January 2012 1876January 2012 1878
  • Opposites cute & paste and Mapping/Measuring Practice
January 2012 1924January 2012 1926

Learning about Money with 2 different money games (also in the Pooh Preschool Pack)

January 2012 1843January 2012 1884

Paper Bag Puppets – We made Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet puppets out of paper bags and template.  January 2012 1845
Free Coloring Pages – The kids enjoyed spending some time coloring (and practicing fine motor skills). Minnie actually did the best job she’s ever done coloring!! YEAH!
January 2012 1867
More alphabet ideas for preschoolers and kindergartners.

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