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Mother’s Day Handprint Art

This amazing 3D Mother’s Day Handprint Art is the perfect gift for Mom that kids can make themselves! It will be a treasured keepsake for a lifetime!

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Mother’s Day Handprint Art

Okay, I’ll admit it. I created and helped my kids make my own Mother’s Day Craft! My hubby isn’t crafty and doesn’t plan ahead, but every year I wish for a precious homemade keepsake from my children. So this year the kids & I brainstormed and I helped the kids make my Mother’s Day Gift. So whether you want to tackle your own Happy Mothers Day Craft or your kids tackle this project – this is sure to be a hit with Mum!

We got the idea to make the kids 3D from the 3D Dinosaur Craft we made a couple months ago.  It will take you about 30 minutes of actual doing time plus 24 hours of drying time. The project should cost you less than $10. The treasured keepsake craft you will create – priceless!

3d Hand Craft

First, make a batch of our simple homemade play dough. While it cools find your mold – it will come clean so it can be anything – plastic bin, Tupper wear, serving platter, etc.
simple homemade playdough as a mold

Next, press the play dough to evenly cover your mold.
smooth playdough mold

Then, one by one press one of each of your children’s hand carefully in the play dough. You want them to sink enough to create a good impression, but not so much that they reach the bottom or squish the other children’s handprints.
Press child hands in mold

Next, mix up your plaster of Paris by following the directions on the can. I used about 1/2 cup water, 1 cup Plaster of Paris, and 2 TAB of powdered tempera paint for each handprint. You will need to mix up each handprint separately to color them individual and ensure the plaster doesn’t set before you are ready.  This is actually very easy, even for a craft impaired person.
mix up Plaster of Paris to make Mother's Day Gift: 3D Hand Art Craft

Plaster of Paris Mother’s Day Crafts

Now, carefully spoon the colored Plaster of Paris into one of your child’s handprint. Clean out the plaster of Paris bowl immediately (so it doesn’t harden; putting any extra in the garbage not down the sink where it can harden in your drain). Repeat for the remaining handprints.
Pour Colored Plaster of Paris into Hand Mold
Here is my Step 5 completed the 3 times I needed to do all my children’s hands.
Mother's Day Craft: Hand Art

How to Make 3d Handprint Molds

Finally, pick a complementing color to serve as your backdrop to the project. You can leave it the light grey color if you like. I decided to make mine look springy so I tinted it yellow. You are going to need about 1 cup water, 2 cups Plaster of Paris, and a couple TAB powdered tempera paint color of your choice. Ideally you want to mix up all you’ll need at once so you don’t have variations in the color. Now cover the entire project (colored handprints and all) with 1/2 – 1” of Plaster of Paris.
Mother's Day 3D Hand Art Gift Step 6

Plaster of Paris Moulds for Children

If you want to hang yours with a ribbon like I did, put down 1/2” of Plaster of Paris over the play dough, add the ribbon, and cover with an additional 1/2” of Plaster of Paris. This will secure the ribbon in place. Although I may choose to frame this to give it extra stability down the road – we’ll see.

Allow it to dry about 1 hour – see directions on the back of the package.

To finish up, turn the mold over and tap lightly to remove play dough/Plaster of Paris from the mold. Now gently pull up on the play dough to reveal your creation.
Pulling off playdough mold to reveal Mother's Day Keepsake Hand Art Gift

Plaster of Paris Handprints

Allow the project to completely dry for 24 hours and TADA! There you have it! A precious hand art keepsake for Mother’s Day.

 3D Hand Art Craft for Father's day Gift

I love that I can put my hand over each sweet little hand and feel what it is like to have their hand on mine – so precious! To all you hard working, multi-tasking mother’s out there – Happy Mother’s Day!

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