March 3, 2023
Learn Math Fast

Learn Math Fast


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Does you homeschooler struggle with math? Are you looking to try a new way of teaching math that is both affordable, easy to use, and produces solid results. You are going to want to read about Learn Math Fast!
learn math fast - affordable, easy to use homeschool math program for 1st - 12th grade

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my time and given a free copy of the system to review. I never share any product I cannot whole heartedly recommend to my readers.

Learn Math Fast for 1st - 11th grade homeschoolers
Learn Math Fast is a math program for 1st – 12th graders written by homeschool veteran JK Mergens. She used her unique method to teach her son who went on to graduate high school at 16, earn 3 college degrees,  and currently works as a full time engineer.

Learn Years of Math in Months . . . Learn Math Fast

Teach Math Easily

Learn Math Fast is a complete,  simple to use, solid, student driven program.
Each lesson is clearly, step-by-step explained to the student. There is no need for you to be good at math because all the explanation is written out for you. When your student understands the concept they move on. They can move as quickly or slowly as they need to. As the books are not by grade level there is no need for your homeschooler to feel bad they are progressing slower or quicker than the “average” student. Each Volume includes:

  • Lesson Explanation (no need for a cumbersome or expensive teacher’s workbook)
  • Worksheets (print as many as you need – for all your children!)
  • Math Game ideas
  • Tests (print as many as you need – for all your children!)
  • Answer Key (with step by step problem solving)

Because you progress at each student’s pace it is very possible to go through 3 years of math easily in one year.

Learn Math Fast includes teaching text and complete solution for problems - no need to purchase an additional teacher's book!

Learn Math Fast is Affordable

The 6 Volumes will teach your student all of 1st – 11th grade math. Volume 7 covering 12th grade will be out June 2014.  The cost is  as little as $22 a year! Plus you can reuse the books with other students and print as many worksheets and tests as you need! You will save a bundle by being able to teach all your homeschool children from a curriculum bought once!

The system works best when you start at the beginning, Volume 1. Even if you think you know more than that. You will progress quickly, but it will cover any holes you may have in your previous math training. There is no need for a teacher’s book, just pick up the book and read!

  • Volume 1 cover what is typically taught in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Your child will learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. At this level you will take about a week a lesson, progressing when your student has mastered the material.
  • Volume 2 covers fractions, percentages, and decimals for traditional 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.
  • Volume 3 covers includes pre algebra and slopes;used typically by 7th and 8th graders.
  • Volume 4 covers Geometry – think 9th grade.
  • Volume 5 is High School Algebra – think 10th grade.
  • Volume 6 will cover how to solve algebraic equations, probability, inequalities, Quadratic equations, and more. This is “typically” for 11th graders.
  • Volume 7 (currently being written) will cover High School Geometry – typically 12th grade.

Learn Math Fast is simple to use and affordable for homeschooling families - Volume 1 pictured

Homeschoolers Love Learn Math Fast

Not only is Learn Math Fast affordable and easy to use, but it has been tested by homeschoolers worldwide. (You can read lots of rave testimonials online) Here are 4 things you will love about Learn Math Fast:

#1 – It’s truly affordable! It costs as little as $22 a year!

#2 – It’s REUSABLE! You can print worksheets & tests to use with each of your children!

#3 – It teaches in a unique, simple to understand way!

#4 – Learn Math Fast has a full 60 day money back guarantee! That is some serious backing of their product!

FREE Printables from Learn Math Fast

    • Big, Big Bookmark – A great at-a-glance view of tons of useful math facts for kids.
      Free printable math facts at a glance - The Big Big Bookmark from Learn Math Fast
Free printable Math Origami from Learn Math Fast


Learn Math Fast covers math in a way you’ve never seen before!

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