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Jesus Feeds 5000

Fun, creative ideas to make Jesus Feeds 5000 sunday school lessons come alive! Includes fun games, lesson ideas, and fun, easy-to-make craft for kids.

Jesus Feeds 5000 craft and Sunday School Lessons with a free printable bible crafts for kids that is simple-to-and a fun Bible Games for kids preschool, toddlers, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade too. #sundayschool #bible #jesusfeeds5000

Jesus Feeds 5000

This Jesus Feeds 5000 Sunday Sunday school lesson is such a fun, clever lesson for kids.  Make the well-known story of how Jesus feeds five thousand come alive with these fun games, crafts, and interactive story telling for kids of all ages.


Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Here is a fun bible verse game to help kids learn and review John 11:25-26 or any other verse you’d like.

Jesus Feeds 5000 Verse Activity for kids
Using the free printable bread and fish template below you are going to make have 5 loaves and two fish per child. We put them in a lunch sack for effect by cutting off the 2” from the top and stapling to make a handle.

As kids walked in I said here is your lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish. Then they came in to do the verse activity.
tear up the bread so that each piece has one word
The kids then tore up their bread like Jesus did in our story today. They tore their bread into word size pieces.

Hint: This activity requires reading and is best suited to 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students.

Jesus Feed 5000 activity for kids
The kids then put the bread scraps in order to make our verse, John 11:25-26. I told them they were welcome to use their Bibles or verse cards to help.

The kids put the pieces back in their sack lunch so they could take them home to practice the verse again.


Jesus Feeds 5000 Craft

This is a fun, simple-to-make bible craft for the story of Jesus feeding 5000.

Jesus Feeds 5000 Craft
For this inexpensive craft all you need is:

  • penne pasta (to symbolize the bread; we used 1 box for 50 students)
  • fish (see download below)
  • a hole punch
  • yarn (about an arms length per child)

pasta bible craft

Each child will need arms length of yarn, 5 bread noodles, and 2 fish.

I looped the yarn around the fish then put the yarn together to go through the first pasta (since there is an odd number). Then pull the yarn apart and put 2 more penne pasta noodles per side and tie the yarn together.

Super cute. Super easy. Lots of FUN!


Jesus Feeds 5000 Lesson

To tell the kids the story we brought in a picnic basket. We laid out a blanket and talked about what we liked to take on picnics. Then we tied it in with the story. One boy had brought a lunch, but everyone else was hungry. We know there were 5,000 men + women + children.

The one little lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish fed everyone with plenty leftover.

Just like the story, we asked our small group leaders to come up and gave them each a loaf of bread and fish (Swedish fish). They tore up the bread and the kids made circles around them. The leader thanked God for the food and they ate their snack.


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