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Jesus’ Baptism

Kids will love this hands on bible lesson for kids about Jesus’ Baptism. We used all these water activities for kids and bible craft in a Sunday School class, but this is suited for homeschool coops or at home too.
Jesus' Baptism - Sunday School Lesson for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, adn 3rd grade kids! Lots of water activities for kids, holy spirit dove craft, and more.

Jesus’ Baptism

Kids will have fun learning about Jesus’ Baptism with these fun water activities and dove Bible craft for kids of all ages.


Water Activities for Kids

To start out our lesson we had several stations with fun, hands on water activities for the kids to explore.
Here was our tie in to our Jesus’ Baptism Lesson:

Have you ever thought about all the ways we use water? What are some of them? Today, we’ll talk about a specific way Christians use water.

Water Xylophone

Water Activity for Kids - Kids of all ages will love playing with water while they explore music and science in this water xylophone

I filled six large mason jars with water in an increasing amount as pictured. I then added food coloring to create the xylophone colors.

Kids could gently tap the sides of the jars and hear the different music notes. If you adjust the quantity of water in each you can actually make it play notes in a chord.

Sink or Float Science

I set out a large plastic bin with some water on a towel (in case there was any dripping off the sides) and various items for the kids to test if they sink or float. The kids thought this was so fun.


Frozen Ice Hockey Rink

Frozen Water Ice Hokey Ring Kids Activity
In a foil casserole pan I put about 3” of water and set it flat in the freezer to freeze solid. Use Duplos to create goal posts, a bottle cap as a puck, and two plastic spoons for hockey sticks. The kids played hockey on our mini frozen ice hockey rinks.

They thought this was hilarious!

Go Fish

We also set up a kids pool with fish inside. We added some fishing pools for the kids to fish with.

Jesus Baptism Craft

dove hand art craft for kids

You need a piece of construction paper as the background, the dove template, glue, cotton balls, and and a piece of paper to trace kids’ hands on. Cut out the traced hands.

glue the hand on the dove
Now glue the cut out dove template on the construction paper. Now glue the hand on the dove so the thumb overlaps the body. Now put glue over the 4 fingers and palm of hand.

use cotton balls over the wing

Now pull apart cotton balls and place over the glue covered hand to make the wing. Add a sticker with the verse:

“and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” Luke 3:22

Sunday School Homework

Finally, we talked with the kids about how  many stories about Jesus are found in more than one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).  If you have time, look them up in class. If not, it makes some fun homework. Maybe have a prize (sticker or small piece of candy) for those that complete it and bring it back next week:
  • Jesus’ baptism
  • Jesus’ Genealogy
  • Jesus feeds 5,000
  • Birth of Jesus
  • Zacchaeus & Sycamore tree
  • Jesus walks on water
  • Jesus death on the cross

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