April 2, 2019
How to Get Disney Fastpass

How to Get Disney Fastpass


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If you are heading to Disney World and wondering what is the new Disney MagicBand, how do I set-up my Fastpass Plus selections, and what are the best Fastpass Plus rides? Our family did extensive testing and experimenting with the new My Magic Plus system to help your family plan easily and take advantage of all this new system has to offer! How to set up your Fastpass+ for a Disney vacation using the MagicBand. Great tips and tricks for best Fastpass plus, plus tidbits you need to know (RULES THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU!)

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How to Get Disney Fastpass

Just like with dining reservations, you want to reserve your preferred Fastpass+ as soon as possible to get the best selection (i.e. Dwarf Mine, Frozen Ride, Toy Story Mania, etc.)

You can set up your Fastpass Plus 60 days before you arrival for hotel guests and 30 days early for everyone else with a linked ticket.

Disney has streamlined the Fastpass+ reservation system and now it’s a breeze!! Quicky and easy to use – YEAH!!

Log in to My Disney Experience and select Fastpass Plus

Disney Fastpass Plus

Select the members of your party.

HINT: You can only make selections for people with linked tickets.

how to set-up disney fastpass+ with magic bands

Now pick the day you’d like to make a selection for.  As soon as you do the park selection will pop up (including the park hours!). Click on the park and then you’ll get to make your selection.

HINT: You can only make selections at one park per day and only for as many days as you have linked tickets up to 10 day max!

how to get disney fastpass plus
Select the 3 attractions you wish to reserve

You can search by time of the day or pick an exact time to see availability. You can always click see more details to learn about height requirements and more.

HINT: Although you can only select 3 attractions initially (includes shows), once at the park and you’ve used all of them – you can select another Fastpass+ on the app or at a convenient kiosk. Again, subject to availability.  Don’t miss my post Best Rides to Pick for Disney Fastpass+

Best choices for Disney World Fastpass+

Now you can see all your selections conveniently easily in one place.

My Disney Experience

You will be able to see and edit all your reservations (fastpass & dining) and things you add to your itinerary (although they are not reservations) here. This is a great way to make sure you know what is going on that day.
how do i set up my Fastpass+

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Fastpass Plus Tidbits to Know

  • You can only select each ride once. Bummer, but you can probably see why they have that limitation.
  • All your Fastpass Plus Selections must be at the same park. (So if you are hopping, pick one park to get all your fastpasses at)
  • At Epcot and Hollywood Studios you can only pick ONE from the “main attractions”. So even if you book 60 days out you can only get a fastpass+ for Frozen Ride or Test Track or Soarin!
  • You can change your mind at Disney. You can use Disney’s app or a park Kiosk to make changes to your ride/time on the go. Please note that alternate times are not always available.
  • This will change how you plan your day! You will get fewer fastpasses this way. So if you use them in the morning, the afternoon and early evening lines can  be unbearable! You will need to pick very strategically! Read Best Rides to Pick for Disney Fastpass+
  • No more sending runners all over the park – YEAH!
  • You can not switch bands to let someone use a fastpass plus not used by another family member.
  • You will still have an hour return window, just like the original Fastpass Plus
  • Some rides that never had Fastpass options do have Fastpass Plus Options (like It’s a Small World, The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Main Street Electrical Parade).
best rides for Fastpass+

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