April 2, 2019

How I Teach Homeschool Science


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This is part of a five day series on how to homeschool Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students. Today I am giving you a glimpse into how I teach Science.  Here are the Science books and curriculum we love along with some free resources you can use in your own homeschool.

Science was never my strong subject growing up. Which is funny, because I love nature, experiments, and trying new solutions to problems. I just think that my teachers did not make it fun, exciting, and relevant to me. As a result I am putting extra effort into making Science fun in our homeschool. Guess what? I am loving learning alongside my kids in our homeschool science.


Our Science Curriculum

I emphasize hands on exploration with my early learners.  I think the best way for my preschool – 2nd graders to learn about Science is to actually do Science – lots of experiments and exploration of nature!
This is how I teach Homeschool Science - hands on experiments

Christian Kids Explore

The only complete Science curriculum that I have found that does a fantastic job of teaching the principle, explaining things in a way the kids & I can understand them, AND includes lots of hands on exploration is Christian Kids Explore. Here are some of the fun things we’ve done this year as part of our Christian Kids Explore Biology homeschool science curriculum.christian kids explore biology

Other Homeschool Science Units We’ve Done

Now that I’ve found Christian Kids Explore I plan to stick with that as our Science curriculum instead of piecing it together like i have been doing. That way it will be more complete and I will ensure covering all aspects instead of missing things I don’t know. It really has it all in short, well-explained lessons filled with hands on experiments and even coloring sheets for younger learners to engage with as well!

These units we’ve done might be just what you are looking for this summer or as an extension activity:science experiments for kids - how to grow crystals

When & How I teach Science

I teach Science in the afternoon at the end of our day (usually starting around 3:30pm). That means we’ve done everything else and my little are waking up and and joining us. My toddler (or preschooler) can do the coloring sheets while I read and explain our Science lesson by reading straight from the short, easy to use Christian Kids Explore Biology lesson. Then we take some time to add some hands on element – a game, experiment, additional reading, etc. So Science usually takes about 30 minutes, longer if we are taking a fieldtrip or doing an involved experiment. But usually the experiments are short and meaningful.
Exploding Volcano Homeschool Science
Some months I do Science five days a week. Then the next month I skip Science altogether and just focus on Social Studies. It may sound weird, but it allows us to get into larger unit and get more involved. We take more Science based fieldtrips when I am focused on the same subject day after day and the break really helps rejuvenate us all and give us an appetite to start back up!

Our Favorite Science Stuff

These are all great hands on “toys” that will peak your child’s interest and help them explore the wonderful world of Science. These would be a great educational Christmas gift or birthday gift!

Homeschooling Science Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
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How do YOU Teach Science in your Homeschool

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