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FREE Letter Recognition Find the Letter

Practice finding letters with this easy, no-prep letter recognition printable.

FREE Letter Recognition Find the Letter - this is such a fun, hands on educational activity to help preschool, kindergarten age kids practice identifying alphabet letters. This is great for literacy centers and homeschool


Letter recognition is the foundation of reading. If a child cannot recognize letters then they will struggle with recognizing sight words and sounding out CVC words.

These printables allow the children to practice recognizing letters, and with your help practice the sounds each letter makes.

Letter Recognition Find the Letter

Letter Recognition Find the Letter

So this printable requires almost no prep-work.

  1. First, print off the sheets.
  2. Then find some snap cubes or other game markers.
  3. Finally, sit down with your preschooler or kindergartener and you are ready to go.
There are many different ways you can adjust these letter recognition printables to meet the needs of your kiddos.
Letter Recognition Find the Letter


If you have a child that know their letters and their sounds then you can allow them to do them independently. Simply hand them some snap cubes and the sheets. Have them say the letter in the middle of the sheet, and then its sound. Next, have them place a snap cube on each letter that matches the letter in the middle. Each time they put the cube down, have them say the letter and the sound.

Letter Recognition Find the Letter

With Guided Help

If your child is still learning their alphabet, then you can use these printables for instruction.

Let’s say you are working on the letter W.  You could begin by pointing to the letter W, and saying the letter as well as the sound.

Next, let your child trace it and find some characteristic of the letter. Then it is time to try and find the other W’s on the printable. You could begin by pointing to the U and ask, “Is this a W?”

No matter there answer you can respond, “This is a U. It is curved at the bottom, which is not like the W.”

Your next step could be to point to the V and once again ask if it a W. Whatever their answer, you can once again respond by explaining and showing them why it is not a W.

Work your way around the printable, doing the same thing until you have talked about each letter. Teaching letters and seeing little one learn their letters is such a special time. And if you need more letter recognition ideas here are some that might help.

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