April 25, 2023
Felt Board Flower Craft

Felt Board Flower Craft


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Who doesn’t love a DIY felt board? You’re looking for kids’ art activities that include a theme such as Easter or spring, but you don’t want a one-time craft that your kiddo will create and then forget about. Oh yeah, and you want something that also incorporates a few content areas. Well,

here you go!

Felt Flower Board Craft - This is such a fun to make craft for kids perfect for toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten and first grade (spring crafts, kids activities)


Felt Board Flower Craft

This kids’ activity starts out with spring. It’s the current season. So, we’re going to begin there. But, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the felt board completely when the crafting is done. Just pack it up and reuse it whenever your child wants.

You can also create new felt pieces, using the board for different themes, to learn letters, to learn numbers or for storytelling activities (create a narrative picture using felt pieces, asking your child to
tell the story with her words and the image).


Learning and Child Development

What will your child learn/how can she develop from this art activity?

  • Fine motor skills – dexterity and eye-hand coordination
  • Science – the spring season
  • Math – counting, addition, subtraction, shapes
  • Art – color recognition and your child will explore the creative process
Materials You’ll Need

  • Craft felt – we used 8×10-inch sheets, but you could use larger sizes that you cut down
  • Scissors
  • Clear-drying school glue and/or masking tape
  • Cardboard – reuse the front of an old cereal or cracker box


How-to Steps

cut cardboard into 8x10

Cut a cardboard rectangle that is 8×10-inches or smaller. If you’re using 8×10 craft felt sheets, you’ll need to size the cardboard so that it’s shorter and thinner than the felt.

tape felt sheet onto cardboard rectangle
 Glue or tape the felt onto the cardboard. If the felt just covers the front of the cardboard, glue it onto the front. If it’s larger, pull the edges across the back and add tape as well.
cut petals and stem from different color felt
Create flower shapes, using different colors of craft felt. Cut out ovals and circles to use as petals, thin rectangles to use as stems and more ovals for leaves.
press felt on the newly created felt board

Press the felt shapes onto the felt board to create flowers.

Flower Activity Play

flower activity for kids

As your child creates her felt board flowers, add in some math. Have her count the petals or ask her to use a set number of petals. For example, ask your child to use 10 oval flower petals. She can also add or subtract the number of petals or the number of flowers.

Reuse the felt board later on, creating new shapes. Your child can build any type of picture that she wants. You can also cut out felt letters and numbers, using the board to spell or to create equations.

Flower Crafts for Kids

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