November 12, 2022
FREE Printable Preschool File Folder Games

FREE Printable Preschool File Folder Games


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Looking for a fun, reusable way for preschoolers to practice counting, numbers, colors, and alphabet letters? Here are 8 preschool file folder games that will provide lots of learning fun and most of them are FREE!

Looking for a fun, reusable way for preschoolers to practice counting, numbers, colors, and alphabet letters? Here are 8 preschool file folder games that will provide lots of learning fun and most of them are FREE!

File Folder Games

File Folder Games are activities that are contained all together in one folder. These Preschool File Folder Games are handy for extra practice, supplement activities, classroom centers, summer learning, and more! File folders are cardboard folders that you might usually see in a filing cabinet or office, but they are also perfect for holding fun and educational games and activities. All the items needed to play the game are neatly stored in the file folder, making these activities totally self contained, perfect for a child to do individually, and really great for travel.

File folder games work great in a classroom or homeschool setting, where a child can be happily engaged with the file folder activity, while the teacher or parent works with other children. They are a great way to focus on a developing particular skill, and can be used to support lots of different developmental areas and learning themes. They are especially great as a travel activity as they are the perfect size to fit on a lap, they don’t take up much space in luggage, and will keep the kids busy on a long plain ride or car trip.

File Folder Games for Preschool

Many file folder games are printables that you can print out and put together yourself. You can put your file folder games together using self-stick magnets & Velcro so they are totally self-contained and easy to transport. You might also like to color code the folders so you can easy find the right activity for each age group or learning area. For ease of use we made all our Preschool folders are green.

File folder games are a fun, and very cost effective way to offer lots of different learning activities for your preschooler.

File Folder Games for Preschool

PDF free printable file folder games for preschool

Literacy File Folder Games for Preschoolers.

  • Ice Cream File Folder Game from Mr Printables
    This is a free printable color matching file folder game for preschoolers. Match the ice creams by color and work on color words with the popsicles.
  • Alphabet Turkey File Folder game from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.
    Preschoolers can practice their alphabet letters and phonemic awareness with this fun, free printable turkey file folder game. It’s perfect for a fall or Thanksgiving learning theme.
  • Alphabet Ice Cream File Folder Game from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games
    This free printable is a fun summer ice cream themed way for preschool and kindergarten students to practice matching upper and lower case alphabet letters. This is perfect to use during the summer to keep up on what they’ve learned during the year.
  • Alphabet Hearts File Fold Game from File Folder Fun
    This file folder game is great for building preschoolers letter recognition skills of both upper and lower case letters.
  • Berry Patch Alphabet File Folder Game from Kindergarten Kindergarten
    This free file folder game is perfect of helping preschoolers and kindergartners practices matching upper/lower case letters.
  • Snowflake Alphabet Matching File Folder Game from Miniature Masterminds.
    This is a great winter themed file folder game which is perfect for working in letter recognition with your preschooler.

Math File Folder Games for Preschoolers

Preschool file folder games

Help preschoolers work on math skills like counting, number words, size descrimination, and more with these fun math activities for preschoolers:

  • Watermelon Counting Puzzles from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.
    Make practicing counting to 12 fun with this free printable game. Use velcro dots on a blank page to match both halves, or stick one half of the watermelon to the page before you laminate it and use Velcro dots to find and add the other side.
  • Color and Size Kites File Folder Game from The Measured Mom.
    This free file folder game for preschoolers is great for practicing color matching and ordering by size. It’s perfect for a letter K themed activities too.
  • Counting Flower Petals File Folder Game from From ABCs to ACTs.
    This game makes teaching preschoolers to count to 10 so much fun and it’s perfect for Spring themed learning.
  • Cookie Jar Matching from TotSchooling.
    This cookie themed number matching free printable makes a great file folder game for preschoolers to practice counting and number recognition.
  • Under Construction Counting File Folder Game from Kindergarten Kindergarten.
    If your preschool or kindergarten child is looking for a way to practice counting from 0-20 than this free printable construction game might be just right for your family.
  • Popsicle Counting Puzzles Match from Preschool Play and Learn.
    Ad velcro to these free printable puzzle pieces to make a great counting file folder game.

Free printable file folder games

Free file folder games

  • Paint Brush Matching Color File Folder Game from Confessions of A Homeschooler.
    This is a super cute way for toddlers and preschoolers to practice sorting colors. This file folder game is a free printable, and this game uses pockets, so no need for Velcro or magnets.
  • Leaf Matching File Folder Game from Look We’re Learning.
    This free printable file folder game is a fun way to help preschoolers practice spotting same and different objects, recognizing colors, and following directions.
  • Step Sequencing File Folder Game from From ABCs to ACTs
    This file folder game helps preschoolers learn to sequence items or steps into their correct order. This free printable pack includes six different story sequences to use with the activity.
  • Color Sorting File Folder games from Totschooling.
    Learn about colors and introduce color words with this fun free printable file folder game.
  • Fruit Slices File Folder Games from Coffee Cups and Crayons.
    This fruit matching game is a great way to introduce kids to file folder games. The simple concept of this free printable file folder game means that pre-k and preschool kids will pick it up easily and be able to play it over and over without adult input.
  • Pattern Matching File Folder Game from Kids Activities Blog.
    This free printable file folder game is a fun and easy way to teach beginner matching skills to Preschoolers.
  • Printable Ocean Animals File Folder Game from Itsy Bitsy Fun.
    Learn about the ocean creatures with this file folder game. It’s great for preschool aged kids to do independently.
  • Weather File Folder Game from Preschool Mom.
    This is a fun file folder game where the kids need to choose what clothes and accessories you need for different types of weather.

How to Make File Folder Games

Free printable file folder games

You only need a handful of supplies to make your own file folder games. Once you’ve printed the printable file folder games above, you can use these supplies to make put them together.

If you love file folder games, here are my favorite K / 1st Grade File Folder Games.

This list of file folder games will keep your preschool aged kids busy learning and playing independently for hours. I hope this helps others save time searching for good preschool file folder games!

Do you have a favorite Preschool File Folder Game I missed? Please tell me about it in the comments section!

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