April 2, 2019
DIY Disney Autograph Book and Bag

DIY Disney Autograph Book and Bag


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If you are headed to Disney and have children 10 and under you really should consider taking at autograph book.  Besides being a fun souvenir to look bath through, it is a lot of fun to get all the character’s autographs.

Easy to make Disney Autograph Book and Bag - what a fun thing to make before your next Disney World Vacation. You can customize to whatever character or pattern you like. Makes an amazing Disney souvenir for your next family vacation at walt disney world.

Disney Autograph Books

If you are headed to Disney and you have kids under 12 you are going to want to have a Disney Autograph book. Kids love standing in line to greet characters and having them sign their very own book. These also make wonderful souvenirs!

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Where to buy a Disney Autograph Book

You can use anything to gather your Disney character autographs. Here are some fun ideas to get you thinking:

  • Ebay for $5-7 (plus shipping)
  • Official Disney autograph books from a Disney store start at $8
  • Make your own (just cost of printing, laminating 1 page, and ribbon) – see tutorial below!
  • T-shirt for favorite 5 characters to sign (great babies 1st trip souvenir – see below)
  • Book (like Disney Encyclopedia) for characters to sign by their picture

Disney World Autographed T shirt souvenir

How to use a Disney Autograph Book in the park

Almost all the characters you meet at Disney will sign their name. They actually have to practice until they are able to copy the characters signature exactly before they will let them costume up for guests.  Several characters that don’s sign: Mike & Sully from Monsters Inc, Lightening McQueen from Cars, Louie from Jungle Book, and Buzz Lighyear – although Buzz will stamp your book instead.
Pluto signing autograph at Disney Epcot

You will stand in line to meet a character. While waiting open your book to the page you want signed and bring a pen. Fat pens (such as sharpies) work best for the characters, but remember sharpies may bleed through the sheet.  Don’t forget to let your kids hug and interact with the characters before you shove an autograph book at them!

Our family takes a picture with the character. When we get home we get prints of those pictures that fit in the book. Then we affix them in our autograph book by the autograph. Not only does this cover the bleed from the sharpie, but make such a fun keepsake. Our kids still look through 5 year old autograph books because they also get to see themselves with the character. Such a fun “scrapbook” for kids.
Getting autographs from Mickey Mouse

How to Make Your Own Disney Autograph Book

This year I decided to make our own Disney Autograph books. They are super easy to make and cheap too – cost less than $1 each!
You’ll need:

  • 100 blank white Index cards (size 4” x 6”)
  • computer/printer or Disney character stickers
  • laminator (for cover/back only)
  • ribbon or book rings
  • hole punch

Custom Autograph Pages

We decided to personalize our autograph pages for each character. {This is optional.}  You can do that by:

  • affixing character stickers to each page OR
  • printing the character image on each index card – which is our favorite method.

To print in Microsoft Word select Page Layout > Size > 4” x 6”.  Now change the Orientation to landscape by selecting Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape.
Customized pages for Disney Autograph Book

Now insert an image for each of the characters you’d like one by one. (You can find Disney clipart images at free online sites to save to your computer) Insert > Picture. Now to move your image where you want on the page click on the image. Now right click your mouse and select text wrapping > tight. Now you can drag your image wherever you want on your page.

Customized pages for Disney Autograph Book

Insert index cards in manual feed tray. Now select to print it under File. Now click “Properties” to the right of the selected printer in the menu that pops up. Under properties make sure to select manual tray and quality printing. Click “OK’ and “OK” again.  Repeat for all characters you’d like to include.

Customized pages for Disney Autograph Book

I know I usually have lots of free templates for you, but since it uses Disney images, I can’t make the entire book an easy download. But below are a couple cover images you can use that were custom designed by me.

FREE Disney Autograph Book Cover

You can design your own cover or use one of the ones I’ve included below. These cover are about 1” over the index cards on all sides so that they protect your book. Print the cover/back you like. Then laminate for durability. Cut out and put the front on the top of your index card stack and your back on the bottom. Don’t forget to add some blank cards at the back in case you get to meet a character you didn’t count on seeing!

By downloading from my site you agree to the following:

  • This is for personal use only (you may not use this to make others books!)
  • This may NOT be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other site (including blog, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.)
  • All downloaded materials provided are copyright protected. Please see Terms of Use.
  • I offer free printables to bless my readers AND to provide for my family. Your frequent visits to my blog & support purchasing through affiliates links and ads keep the lights on so to speak. Thanks you!

>> Download FREE DIsney Autograph Book Cover <<

free disney autograph book coversNote: Consider arranging characters by order in which you’ll see them, alphabetically, or another logical order so you can find them easily while at the park.

Putting your Autograph Book Together

Hole punch your cover and index card sheets. I use my 3 hole punch to uniformity and just move the holes to line them up better. As you finish put a piece of  1/8” ribbon or a book ring through each of the two holes.  Close and you are all set! After you visit Disney you can easily remove sheets you didn’t use and add pictures.
disney autograph book and bag

Don’t forget to write your name on the front in case you loose your book. We also add our cell phone number.


DIY Disney Autograph Bag

So my kids could easily carry their autograph book and pen I made a coordinating bag. Disney Autograph bags are simple to make and your kids will LOVE them!  If you have a sewing machine this will take you about 15 minutes. I borrow a sewing machine from my mother-in-law usually, but didn’t plan ahead well on this one. So I actually hand sewed this bag. From beginning (cutting) to end (writing name on front) it took me 2 hours – while my kids and I were watching The Little Mermaid.
disney autograph book and bag
What you’ll need:

  • 2x 18”  for handle (I found this in the spool isle at Joannes with the ribbon and other spooled accessories)
  • Material 24” tall x 24” wide
  • Yarn (coordinating color)
  • Needle (for hand sewing or sewing machine)
  • 5” x 5” square of coordinating material for Mickey Mouse shape
  • Dimensional Fabric Paint

Fold your material in half for strength – you’ll have a pattern on the front & back; trim excess material as needed.

Set top of bag first. Fold 3/4”  of material over twice and pin to hold. Insert handle edges towards the middle leaving a 3” gap between edges in the middle. Sew across on the bottom edge (closest to material). Now fold up your handle and sew the top edge. Now your handle has been securely double stitched in place.
disney autograph book and bag
Repeat for the opposite side using the other 18” handle piece.

Now fold the piece in half again so that the edges with the handles are even. Pin together and sew up the sides.

Turn right side out. It should now be a bag. Cut out a Mickey Mouse shape from coordinating color and stitch or spray glue it in place. Use Dimensional Fabric Paint to write your name on the front and allow to dry thoroughly.

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