May 23, 2019
AMAZING Tips for Be Our Guest Restaurant

AMAZING Tips for Be Our Guest Restaurant


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My new favorite restaurant at Disney World Magic Kingdom is the incredible Be Our Guest Restaurant. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is unbeatable. There is a reason this place is hard to get reservations for!An up close look at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World with tons of Disney dining tips, theming, menu, and more at the beauty and the beast restaurant to check out for your disney planning #disneyworld #disneydining #disneyworldplanning

Be Our Guest Restaurant is one of the newest dining location in the Magic Kingdom’s new Fantasyland. This restaurant has quickly become a favorite of our family – probably why we ate here four times during our last Disney World family vacation!

You can eat here for a quick service breakfast, quick service lunch or a sit down table service dinner – the food is amazing and atmosphere is incredible no matter when you eat here!

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Be Our Guest Disney

If you are looking for tips for planning your next family vacation at Disney World you will love this up close look at Be Our Guest Restaurant with tons or practice tips for Disney Dining.

Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney's Magic Kingdom is a Don't Miss!

Beauty and the Beast Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant is a masterpiece of theming. From the moment you step inside you will be amazed at how the setting from Beauty and the Beast comes alive in the gourmet restaurant – Be Our Guest.
Whispering suits of armor in Be Our Guest Restaurant

Once it is your time to enter you will go the the corridor where you will hear the armory whispering in French, very cool. While you wait in line you will be able to see the menu with picture of the food choices. After you make your dining selection on the touch screen monitor you will get to see the rest of this beautiful restaurant.

The Rose Gallery Dining Room

The Rose Gallery Dining Room with a giant Beauty and the Beast Music Box

There are three dining rooms – you can choose to eat in any of them you find space in. I think my favorite is this room – the Rose Gallery. For some reason it is the least crowded. While it does not have the instant appeal of the other rooms, it is quiet, has good lighting, a lovely (working) music box of Beauty and Beast in the center, and very comfortable royal chairs.

The Elegant Ballroom Dining Room

The elegant Ballroom Dining Room at Be Our Guest Restaurant

The elegant ballroom is beautiful. The domed ceiling, elegant chairs, beautiful chandelier, and  painting on the ceiling are all stunning. Look out the window – you will see gentle falling snow. The downside to this room is that with the high ceilings it is the noisiest of all the rooms by far. It is also the only way to get to the other 2 dining room so it gets a lot of foot traffic. Still, a beautiful room to enjoy your meal.

The Mysterious West Wing Dining Room

The extrememly popular west wing dining room in the new Fantasyland

The most dramatic and the most popular place to eat is the mysterious West Wing. This area is smaller than the other two and with it’s popularity, if you hope to eat here you will need to be at the restaurant when it opens or have a small group and just be “living right” that day.

The room is very neat filled with Disney’s unique storytelling charm. You can see ways the Beast has torn apart the room and the portrait on the wall will change to the image of the Beast after the last petal falls during the ensuing “storm” about every 10 minutes.

See the rose petals acutally fall in this amazing dining restaurants at the Magic KingdomOne of the rooms features is the rose. It will actually drop it’s petals during your meal. The rooms is a neat place to eat. The drawbacks are it is crowded and receives a lot of people who just come in to see it and take pictures. It is also very dark with frequent “storms” – so if you have a child that frightens easily, this is not the dining room for you.

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass window in the Be Our Guest Restaurant

As you exit don’t miss the great photo opportunity by the beautiful stained glass window.


Be our Guest Magic Kingom

Ordering food form touch screens with menu pictures at Be Our Guest Restaurant

In a first for any Disney restaurant, as you wait you will be able to see a menu with pictures of what all your food choices look like. And trust me you’ll need the time – Be Our Guest has the best food choices! You will then be able to order your own food on a touch screen that has pictures of the food your ordering. What a wonderful idea and so helpful!

HINT: Disney now has easy ordering from the convenience of your Disney App for several restaurants!

Disney will magically find you and serve your quick serve meal at your table at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Then you go sit down anywhere you want in the three dining rooms. Your Magic Band (or rose pager if you don’t have a magic band) will magically tell the wait staff where to find you. Your gourmet meal will be elegantly served very quickly.

This makes Be Our Guest the best restaurant for families. You don’t need to juggle a tray filled with food across a crowded dining room, hoping you don’t spill it! Just get your drink, sit down, and let the magic of Disney bring your amazing meal to you!


Be Our Guest Restaurant Has the BEST Menu

Be Our Guest offers guest not only exquisitely tasting food, but a varied menu and fantastic presentation.

AMAZING Tips for Be Our Guest Restaurant

Breakfast is a great deal if you like European breakfasts like assorted meat & cheese plate, open face sandwich, quiche, or croissant donut. 

This quick service breakfast meal is an AMAZING value! Besides your breakfast entree, each table gets a plate of pastries to share too! 
Braised Pork Lunch Entree at Disney World Be Our Guest Restaurant
Pick from the Braised Pork (Coq Au Vin style) for a dinner type entree or one of their generously sized delicious sandwiches like our favorites the Carved Turkey or Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich.
Mickey Meatloaf Kids Entree at Be Our Guest Restaurant

The kids meals are one of the selling points to me. Instead of the boring menu kids are offered elsewhere of mac and cheese and hamburgers, here the menu is more varied.  Picky eaters can still order pasta while more adventurous children can eat Mahi Mahi, a carved turkey sandwich, slow cooked pork, or Mickey Meatloaf.  Even the kids meal are served beautifully arranged.

Delicious Triple Chocolate Cupcake Dessert at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Some of the most beautiful and delicious quick service desserts at any of the parks are here at Be Our Guest Restaurant. You can pick form Lemon Meringue Cupcake, Triple Chocolate Cupcake, the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake or The Master’s Cupcake. I would highly recommend the Lemon Meringue, Triple Chocolate or Strawberry cupcake, depending on your personal preferences. The Master’s Cupcake features the “gray stuff” but I didn’t find it to be anything that special.

HINT: Disney is no longer serving children desert as part of the dining plan. As of our visit, the way around this is to have kids order an adult meal. Counter Service meals are not separated by child/adult in the computer and you can order all adult meals as long as you are at or under your total number of counter service meals.

AMAZING Tips for Be Our Guest Restaurant

Tips for dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant

  • Breakfast is a quick service credit, but will give you the opportunity to eat at this hugely popular restaurant. Now taking reservations 90 days in advance for a lovely French inspired breakfast: croissant donuts with fruit, quiche with fruit, open face egg sandwich with fruit, and several other choices. Plus your group will get a plate of pastries to share! Bonus, if you eat an hour before the park opens you will be able to get those coveted castle picture with no people and finish your meal in time to get in the short line for Seven Dwarf Mine Rollercoaster
  • Lunch is a quick service credit, but will give you the same atmosphere and an amazing menu. With no advance reservations needed, it is a great choice!  As of March 2015 guests will need to make a reservation (180 days in advance) to insure they get into this amazing restaurant. You will LOVE the internalizing cupcakes and free refill soda!
  • Dinner is a sit down table service dining credit. The atmosphere is the same, the menu is a little different (see here for current menu) but you will have a hard time getting reservations! You will however get the chance to meet the Beast and use a rose napkin!

soda machine with free refills at Be Our Guest Restaurant
Be Our Guest is one of the very few that offers self serve soda machines. The reason that is a good thing is because you can get free refills!

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