April 25, 2024
Disney California Adventure Park Tips

Disney California Adventure Park Tips


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Wondering if you should visit the west coast Disney? The answer is a resonding YES! Take a peak at all the unique rides and experiences in store for you!Disneyland California Adventure Park Review #disneyland #disney

Although I am keeping this article here for historical purposes, I have moved my vacation planning over to my new site – Plan the Best Vacation.  Make sure you read the updated and revised article on the best rides at California Adventure!

Disney California Adventure Tips

Disney’s Carsland is Amazing

This is don’t miss are of Disney California Adventure Park! Carsland looks like it popped straight out of the movie Cars. At dusk, the neon lights will all come on along with the music from the movie – so cool!  Don’t miss how pretty it looks here after dark.
Disney Carsland
With that being said this is the newest and BEST attraction here and everyone knows it. If you want a Fastpass for Cars (which you do) you will need to get into the Fastpass line before they even drop the ropes to let you in the park. Ask a cast member to direct you – these fastpasses will be gone in no time and you could be waiting 2+ hours! YIKES!

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Disney Carsland
This is a fun ride! You get in the back of one of these adorable tractors from the movie and it spins you around. It has a different feel than the teacups because it kind of swings you around the corners. My husband couldn’t ride it as he gets motion sickness in circular rides, but it is a fun (albeit short) ride. You must be 32” or taller.

Luigis Rollickin Roadsters


We love the new Luigi ride! After waiting in line you will get in one of the super cute cars. Then, the cars will dance to one of six Italian dance songs – each has its’ own dance routine.  You must be 32” or taller.

HINT: Make sure to ride this under the beautiful lights at night!

Visit with Tow Mater, Lightening McQueen, and Big Red

Disney Carsland You can meet To Mater, Lightening McQueen and Big Red (Fire Engine). They will actually drive out and park. Their eyes move and they honk their horn to interact with guests. Then they rotate every 30 minutes or so.


Radiator Springs Racers

This is the big headline ride that you want to grab Fastpasses for before you ride anything else. In my humble opinion, this may be the BEST ride at any Disney park! Seriously! It combines amazing story telling by having you drive through Radiator Springs, unique ride by having different parts of the ride you may go to (get new tires or a paint job) and culminates with a race outside where you will “race” another car. Amazingly well designed and executed as well as stunningly beautiful. Must be 40” or taller.

Flo’s V8 Cafe

Disney CarslandThis is a fun restaurant that serves delicious food. You can choose to eat outside by the “gas pumps” or inside if you can find a seat. The food is old times comfort food and is delicious! Try the apple cheddar pie – YUM! My kids loved the optional Lightening McQueen carry case their meal came in.

Cozy Cone Motel

Each cone sells a different snack item. Although overpriced, the apple slushy is incredible and a wonderful thirst quencher on a hot day. (Note: Lefou’s Brew at Gaston’s in the New Fantasyland Disney World is very similar)

Disney’s Grizzly Peak

Grizzly’s River Run

This ride is just like Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom park. Basically eight of you sit in a big circle and go down rapids. Expect to get soaked! 42” or taller.

Soarin Around the World

You will all sit in rows of seats with your feet dangling. You will put loose items in the basket below your chair and buckle up. When it starts your chairs will lift off the floor and you will be stacked up one on top of the other. Then a GIANT screen will show images from around the world  and you will feel like you are hang gliding over them. The movement, fans, and even smells will make you feel like you are soaring. If you’ve never experienced this ride it is a must! Even my 75 year old father in law really enjoys this ride! This is the same ride as at Epcot. 40” or taller

HINT: This ride use to be Soarin Over California.

Disney’s A Bug’s Land CLOSING SOON!

This cute area of the the park aimed at the youngest Disney fans is set to close September 4th to make way for a new Marvel land that is set to open 2020.


It’s Tough to be a Bug

This is such a fun show, albeit a little overwhelming for kids 3 and under. You put on bug eyes (so you can see in 3D) and sit down to watch a short show based on the movie A Bug’s Life. You will feel like they are flying straight at you, will smell the stink bug, and even feel them crawling under your bottom in the seats! Hopper (who is vey large) will appear as well and may be frightening for younger children. This is a fun show and is the exact same one as plays at Animal Kingdom.

The rest of Bugland

Disneland California Adventure Park   Disneland California Adventure Park

Although Disney has done a nice job of theming the rest of bug land after A Bug’s Life the rides themselves are cheesy and really not worth your time. There are bumper bugs, and REALLY short caterpillar ride that goes in a circle, and some other rides that were obviously there before Disney bought the park.

Pixar Pier

Carnival Rides (Swings, Roller Coaster, Zephyr)


The newly revamped IncrediCoaster is SO MUCH FUN! Tag along as the Incredibles attempt to track down Jack Jack who has disappeared using his new powers. The speakers in the head rest, characters in tunnels and throughout all add to make this make over a success. This is my kids new favorite ride at Disney!

A new Inside Out ride (salvaged from Bugs Land) offers young park goers a chance to ride with different emotions from the movie.

Other than that there are more rides that were here before Disney took over the amusement park that have been tweaked with a Disney theme. You will find a giant ferris wheel (where you can choose swinging cars or stationary), arcade games, swings (one of the better rides here) and a couple other attractions.


Toy Story Mania

This is a really fun ride exactly like the incredibly popular one at Hollywood Studios. You get in your vehicle and put on your 3D glasses. You will get to shoot plates, balloons, and more targets along your ride. I love how the air blows at you when you pop a balloon! At the end you can see who has the best shot in your group. This is based on the movie Toy Story!


The Littler Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

This ride had a surprisingly low wait for our entire visit. Not sure why, it is a beautifully architect ed ride through The Little Mermaid story. Once in your clamshell you will journey under water and throughout the story with some larger than life (note the huge Ursula may be scary to children) characters and singing.

My favorite Disney show - World of Color in California

World of Color

This show is unique to this park and is in my opinion, Disney’s BEST evening show! You will be amazed at the beauty of the colored water show and then be immersed as characters appear in the water. Just beautiful and all choreographed to music.

Disney’s Hollywood Land

Disney’s Aladdin – Musical Spectacular now Frozen  The Musical

This is a really well done musical, but our family is a little over the Frozen everywhere.


Pixar Play Parade

Pizar pals Parade in California
This is a lot like the parade that once lived at Hollywood Studios that sadly was removed. It is a fun way to see lots of favorite characters from the different Pixar movies. You’ll see Monsters Inc, Incredible, Nemo, and Toy Story characters.

Dancin with Disney

Disneland California Adventure Park
This was one of the highlights from our visit. You can go hang out & dance with Disney characters. They vary and switch out often, but it was a great chance to mingle with some rarely out to see characters. Don’t miss this one!

Disneland California Adventure Park Disneland California Adventure Park Disneland California Adventure Park Disneland California Adventure Park

**This is offered seasonally only


Monster’s Inc Mike & Sully to the Rescue

This is a fun journey through the movie Monsters Inc. This was another family favorite ride we wish they would bring to Disney World! The theming and detail within the ride is exceptional!

Tower of Terror

The abandoned hotel ride where guests could relive a story from The Twilight Zone closed January 2, 2017 to make way for a new attraction using the same building and basically the same ride. Guardians of the Galaxy opened in May 27, 2017 and allows guests to see favorite characters from the movie as they listen to a different soundtrack each time and soar up before come crashing down.

Disneland California Adventure Park Disneland California Adventure Park

Unique Characters at Disneyland

Like I mentioned earlier, the characters in Disneyland are more interested in unique interactions than just posing for pictures. I thought it was a lot of fun to wander to find the unique characters. They will of course take pictures with you, but are not focused on that being the goal of your interaction. Here are some fun pictures we gook at Disney California Adventure Park.

So is it worth Coming?

Yes, come here at least once in your lifetime. We liked Disney California Adventure Park. There are a lot of unique characters and experiences you wont get at any other Disney park. The bug land & paradise pier don’t really fit with Disney, in my opinion, and need an overhaul at some point. With that being said,

My favorite ride & show of all the Disney parks are here at Disney California Adventure Park! 

I think you could see it thoroughly in one day. Even if you live on the other side of the United States, it is a fun place to visit! Don’t miss Carsland and World of Color show – they are truly amazing.

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