Potluck Ideas

Looking for the best potluck recipes for any occasion? We’ve got you covered!

Best Potluck Recipes for any event - over 28 easy to make and transport recipes you'll LOVE! #summer #recipes #postluck

Summer means it’s the most popular time of the year for potlucks so have your favorite potluck recipes on hand!

Whether it’s backyard parties or barbecues, family reunions, homeschool co-op celebrations, graduations, Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day, or just a neighborhood cookout – potlucks mean fun, family, friends, games, and delicious food!

I’ve rounded up some of the most popular main dishes, casseroles, salads, side dishes, breads and desserts to take to your next gathering.

Potluck Ideas

These top 28 Best Potluck Ideas are always loved by young and old! Most of them are very simple and easy to make, transport well, and take less than 30 minutes to prepare! You can even make many of them ahead of time.

main dish potluck recipes

Best Potluck Ideas

1. This quick and easy chili mac uses hot dogs and canned chili, mixed with elbow macaroni.

2. Whip up a batch of crockpot macaroni and cheese to take to your event. I promise it won’t last long.

3. A warm potato, corn, and sausage toss would be different than anyone else’s contributions, I’m sure!

4. Slice up a barbecue chicken stromboli into serving sizes that will surely please everyone on the guest list.

5. Love lasagna but hate messing with the noodles and layers? This one’s perfect for potlucks.

6. Everyone will grab some of this easy beef stroganoff because it’s unique.

7. A classic ham and broccoli casserole is so fitting for any event at any time of year.

8. And you know, the good ole spaghetti casserole is always enjoyed by everyone.

salad potluck recipes

Potluck Recipes

9. Chop up the ingredients for this Italian pasta salad and toss in some olives to finish it off.

10. Of course, don’t limit yourself – here are 20 amazing salads you could take!

11. A bright, colorful coleslaw recipe looks so pretty on a plate of mixed dishes, and tastes great too!

12. Make this zesty corn salad to share with your friends and family.

13. Cucumber salad is a fresh and tangy addition to the table.

potluck recipes - side dishes and dips

Easy and Potluck-Perfect Sides

14. Fresh veggies and a cool, crisp vegetable garden dip always satisfy.

15. This spinach dip looks fancy, but no one will know it took you only minutes to prepare.

16. Potato salad is always a perfect choice to bring.

17. Green beans go with anything, so this green bean, zucchini, and bacon dish will definitely be appreciated.

potluck recipes - breads

Breads to Pack for a Potluck

18. Here’s a favorite quick yeast rolls recipe that my family loves.

19. Don’t forget your breadmaker. You can make an amazing loaf or rolls to take to the party.

20. Strawberry bread could go on the dessert table it’s so sweet!

21. Lemon bread is often mistaken for cake, so go ahead and set it on the dessert table as well.

22. Slice up some fresh zucchini bread so folks can grab a satisfying piece.

dessert potluck recipes

Delicious Potluck Desserts

23. Kids and adults alike will love ending their meal with these easy S’mores cookies.

24. Ok, these are by far, the BEST brownies ever!

25. A common “fluff” dessert that’s fast, easy and delicious is this pink fluff recipe.

26. Try setting out this kid-friendly no-bake pudding cake to delight the crowd.

27. A sweet and rich crockpot lava cake goes well with vanilla ice cream.

28. Summer potlucks finish “delightfully” with luscious lemon delight.

Next time you’re looking for ideas for recipes to take to a potluck, remember this list of tried-and-true crowd pleasers. These recipes are fast and easy, yet you’ll be proud to show off your cooking skills to your friends and family by showing up with them.

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