Another round of Good Reads for Kids

If you are looking for some really good book recommendations to read with your child, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of our families favorite books that we highly recommend!

8 Books Preschoolers LOVE!

We read a LOT of books in our house – I hope you do in your house too! And from time to time one of those books really strikes me as a special book – a book worth reading again and sharing with others. Here are a few of our new favorite books:

Shiver me Letters: A Pirate ABC

  •  “In the sand sat a cannonball carved with a C!
  • The dug for doubloons and scooped up a D.
  • E escaped down from one pirate’s pierced ear.
  • His mate raised a falt and found F – give a cheer!”

This  is a super cute book book. It is a pirate themed ABC book. Great fun, reinforces alphabet letters, increases vocabulary, and has a fun pirate themed. What’s not to love? Ages 2-5

Grandpa’s Tractor

 “They stared at the old tractor. It was covered with rust. Only a few bits of red paint were left. The tires were flat, and saplings were growing out of the engine. ‘When I was a boy; that tractor was new; with shiny red paint. My father used it for almost all the chores around the farm,’ Grandpa said proudly….The more Grandpa Joe talked about the tractor, the more excited he became…..Timmy imagined the tractor when it was shiny and red, with its motor rumbling and with tires that were new and round.”
This book is beautiful! The illustrations are charming. The story is so sweet. A Grandpa takes his grandson Timmy to a run down farm where he grew up. The boy sees a beat-up rusty tractor. But as the Grandpa begins telling stories about when he was young & the found memories he has of life with the tractor the boy begins to picture the tractor as new again. This story helps kids imagine what life is like on a farm, see that the older generation had lives of their own, and is a sweet story of the Grandpa & Timmy. Just beautiful, I think we found a new favorite! Ages 3-8

Wild About Books

  • “Forsaking their niches, their nests, and their nooks, they went wild simply wild, about wonderful books.
  • Choosing thin books and fat books and Cat in the Hat books and new books and true books and heaps of how-to books.”

This book is darling! A librarian, Molly McGrew, mistakenly drove her bookmobile to the zoo. The animals became wild about reading books. It’s a great book to share the fun and joy of reading a good book. The illustrations are cute; and I love how there are classic books like Goodnight Moon, The Cat in the Hat, and The Wizard of Oz in it. It has a great rhyme to it too, so it’s a fun read. Ages 3-8


  • “Green frogs leap. Beetles creep. Finches perch. Herons lurch.
  • Flicker! Flutter! Scamper! Scoot! On every rock  and leaf and root!
  • But the six silent turtles sit still as stones.”

My kids & I really enjoyed this book. It rhymes beautifully, has interesting illustrations, introduces lots of great actions words, and flows beautifully. Ages 2-7.

Jake Goes Peanuts

  • “They had peanut butter pot roast served with peanut butter rice.
  • They had peanut butter soda chilled with peanut butter ice.”

My kids loved this book; they wanted to read it again and again! It is the story of a boy named Jake who is not a good eater. His parents devise a plan to help him learn to be a better eater. They tell him that for a whole week they will put peanut butter in EVERYTHING! By the end of the week Jake is tired of peanut butter and appreciates eating grapes and carrots. It’s a cute story. Ages 3-8.

Polar Opposite’s

“Alex is a BIG polar bear. Zina is a tiny penguin.

  • Ales I mostly white, with some black. Zina is mostly black, with some shite.
  • Alex is shaggy. Zina is smooth.”

I thought this was a fun book to introduce young children to the concept of opposites. It contrasts Alex the polar bear and Zina the penguin. It talks about them living on opposite sides of the world (great Science fact) and goes through their many opposites. It ends by saying “…can ALWAYS meet in the middle!” Great concept, text, and illustrations! Ages 2-7.

Bugs Galore

  •  “Spider creeping….scary. Gross.
  • Lurking…leaping! Don’t get close!
  • Freaky, sneaky, shiny flat bug.
  • Hariy, scary – what was THAT bug?”

We LOVE this book! It is one worthy of our home library!! The fun rhyming text is easy to read. It also introduces lots of great vocabulary! But I think my favorite part of the book are the illustrations! This bug is FILLED with very creative bugs. My kids and I giggled as we picked our favorites on each page or laughed at the comical bugs. Don’t miss this book –it’s a hoot! Ages 2-9.

It’s Probably Penny

  •  “…..Who has my PB&J? It isn’t my mom. She doesn’t like peanut butter.
  • Maybe it’s Spotty from next door. He sneaks inside sometimes, and once he got my cookie.
  • But it’s probably Penny.”

The book is a wonderful introduction to the mathematical concept of predictions! After a good introduction to some key words via some fun jelly bean illustrations we follow a girl who makes predictions as part of her homework assignment. And most of the mischief is probably Penny her dog. Ages K-4th.

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More Book Recommendations for Kids

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