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66 Books on Tee – Books of the Bible Activity

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Here is a hands on activity to help kids learn the Books of the Bible.

66 Books on Tee - This is such a FUN activity for kids to learn and practice the Books of the Bible. Great for at home or in Sunday School for 1st-4th Grade #booksoftheibble #biblegame #sundayschool
This year we have been working with our 1st grade Sunday School class on learning the books of the Bible. Since they are becoming more confident readers and are able to start reading verses from the Bible we think they should know how to find things in their Bible too!
As class starts on Sunday we have 6-8 stations set up with different activities to learn and review the books of the Bible. Some of our other popular activities are:

Books of the Bible Activity

How to Prepare the 66 Books on Tee Activity

Make your own 66 on Tee Books of the Bible Activity for Kids

You need a piece of wood about 24” wide by 24” tall and at least 1” deep. Now spray paint it on the front any color you like. (I used some silver paint we had on hand.)
I put the golf tees upside down to space them out evenly and then made a dot where each hole should go.

I made a number 6 for the Old Testament books and a number 6 for the New Testament books. This separates Old & New while still helping kids visually see that their are 66 books in the Bible.


Learn Books of the Bible

Using a drill, make a hole hole at each mark. Test that the hole is large enough for your tees.
Using a sharpie make a line with arrows to show kids where to start putting the Old Testament & New Testament balls.

I used fun duct tape to cover the edges. Not only did it give it a more polished feel, but will protect kids hands from getting splinters.

Finally, print off small labels to stick on balls or write the names neatly by hand. You can use ping pong balls, but if you can find slightly heavier balls it will make the activity easier for the kids. [Note: We found cheap eye balls at the dollar store that we just put the label on top of – they work great!]

Books of the Bible Game


The idea is real simple – place the books of the Bible balls on the tees in order from Genesis through Malachi and Matthew to Revelations.

Note: This activity may frustrate some less coordinated children. It is mean to be fun. If your student is getting too frustrated, try one of our other Books of the Bible Activities instead!

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