March 13, 2023
20 Sticker Worksheets

20 Sticker Worksheets


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Using sticker worksheets is a fantastic way for kids to learn important math and reading skills. Kids will have a blast putting stickers on each page as they learn numbers, letters, patterns, shapes and more. The fun is endless when you add stickers into the mix.

20 FREE STicker Worksheets for kids to practice math, alphabet letters, biomes, practice fine motor skils land pincer grasp and so much more with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners #preschool #kindergarten #freeworksheets

Sticker Worksheets

There are so many reasons that sticker worksheets are great for learning. Not only will kids get the chance to practice important math and reading skills, but they’ll also get to practice their fine motor skills. Add in the fact that they are low cost, easy to prepare, hands-on, and fun for kids, and sticker worksheets will quickly become a go-to learning activity.


Math Sticker Worksheets

When it comes to math, these sticker worksheets are sure to make learning fun. Kids will get to use dot stickers to answer different math questions. Whether it’s shape-matching, addition answers or creating patterns, kids will have fun learning math skills.

  1. Fall Numbers Sticker Worksheets – This fall-themed sticker worksheet will give kids a lot of number practice.
  2. Number Graph Worksheets – Kids can use stickers to fill in the graph as they learn more about each number.
  3. Fall Addition Sticker Math Worksheets – If kids need help learning addition, this sticker worksheet is just what they need!
  4. Silly Worm Count with 10 Stickers – Get silly and start counting with this adorable sticker worksheet.
  5. Number Circle Sticker Worksheets – There are plenty of options for kids to practice numbers with this worksheet set.
  6. 2D Shapes Sticker Matching – Don’t forget to learn all about shapes using this sticker worksheet.
  7. Exploring & Creating Patterns – How many patterns can kids make with different stickers? Find out on this worksheet.
  8. Worksheets for Numbers 11-20 – As kids master numbers 1-10, it’s time to learn numbers 11-20 using stickers!

sticker worksheets for kids

Alphabet Sticker Worksheets

Learning the alphabet is important for all kids. This skill will help kids in their beginning progress in reading and writing. Kids will have fun practicing letters with different sticker worksheets, including apple trees, flowers and more!

  1. Fall Alphabet Sticker Sheets – Use circle stickers to practice the alphabet with these worksheets.
  2. A-Z Dot Pages – There’s a sticker worksheet page for each letter of the alphabet. What fun!
  3. Dot Sticker Flowers Letter Matching – This flower-themed worksheet gives kids practice matching letters.
  4. A-Z Sticker Book – Use alphabet stickers to practice all of the letters, from A to Z.
  5. Dot Sticker Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching – Challenge kids to match uppercase to lowercase letters with this worksheet.
  6. Apple Tree Letter Matching Activity – Kids will have a blast matching the letters in this apple tree.
  7. Letter Recognition Worksheets – Will kids be able to recognize all of the letters in these sticker worksheets? They will after a little bit of practice!
  8. Name Recognition Activity – This sticker activity will help kids learn to recognize the letters in their name.

free stickers for kids

Sticker Worksheets for Kids

In addition to numbers, shapes, and letters, there are even more skills to learn with sticker worksheets. Kids can learn all about colors, animal habitats and more, all while practicing their fine motor skills in a fun and hands-on way.

  1. Fall Color Sticker Worksheets – Learn all about the different colors with this fun sticker worksheet.
  2. Dot Sticker Activities – Dot stickers can be used with tons of activities and worksheets. Here are a few.
  3. Animal Habitats Sticker Worksheets – Have fun filling these animal habitats with stickers!
  4. Bubble Activity – Dot stickers can be used on these worksheets to make different shapes and objects!

There are so many learning possibilities with sticker worksheets. No matter what skill they’re learning, kids will be excited to add stickers to the page, creating patterns, matching letters, and counting numbers.

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