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20 Gummy Worm Activities, Games, & Treats

Have a stash of gummy worms? They aren’t just for eating!  Here is a collection of 20 gummy worm activities, gummy worm games, and gummy worm recipes the kids are going to LOVE!
20 Gummy Worm Activities, Games, & Treats - fun ideas to celebrate National Gummy Day on July 15. This is such a fun holiday to celebrate #funholiday #specialdays #gummybears

For all those with a sweet tooth, you will love knowing that July 15th is National Gummy Day in the United States!  Not sure how that came to be, but I’m not gonna ask questions.  I say, “Let’s celebrate!”

These delicious creepy crawlies were introduced by the Trolli company in 1981; apparently the company named them “Squiggles” and were marketed as a unique candy with shock factor; they aren’t as “cute” as gummy bears are they?!

Nonetheless, my kids love them… and I am going to take a wild guess and say yours do, too!  Enjoy this collection of gummy worm ideas to do any day of the year!


20 Gummy Worm Activities, Games, & Treats - fun ideas to celebrate National Gummy Day on July 15. This is such a fun holiday to celebrate #funholiday #specialdays #gummybears

Gummy Worm Activities

From gummy worm science experiments to gummy worm math activities to gummy worm sensory play…  enjoy gummy worms in a whole new way!

M is for Mitosis – Suzy Homeschooler

Gummy Worm Chromosomes – Serious Eats

The Incredible Growing Gummy Worm – Gift of Curiosity

Gummy Bear Slime Recipe – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

gummy fossil experiment

Gummy Fossil Experiment – Teach Beside Me

Gummy Worm Invitation to Play – Teach Preschool

Gummy Worm Graphing – Preschool Daze


Gummy Worm Silly Putty – Rachel Teodoro

Dancing Worms Experiment – Living Life & Learning

W is for Worms – News with Naylors


Gummy Worm Games

Games using gummy worms?!  I’m in!! Try these fun Minute to Win type games using gummy worms!

Slurpin’ Worms Game – Get Your Game On

Gummy Worm Discipleship – Creative Youth Ideas


Gummy Worm Recipes

I’m not sure who would pass up a lone gummy worm to snack on, but topping a cupcake with gummy worms, adding them into popsicles, and/or learning how to make your own takes gummy worm snackin’ to a whole new level!

Colorful Gummy Bear Popsicles – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Gummy Worm Jello Cups – Lil’ Luna

Gummy Worm Ice Cube Drink – A Girl and a Glue Gun

Gummy Worm Punch – Bitz and Giggles

Dirt Pudding Cups – Oh Nuts!

Dirt Cupcakes – Midget Mamma

Mud Pie Recipe – B-Inspired MamaVegan Gummy Worms – Forks & Beans


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