November 12, 2022
2 More Ways to Learn the Books of the Bible

2 More Ways to Learn the Books of the Bible


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I’ve been sharing fun, hands on activities and games for kids to learn the books of the Bible as part of  sunday school lessons  or at home. Here are 2 more fun, creative ideas for reading kids of all ages from 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade to practice.
Fun ways to learn the Books of the Bible - These are such fun clever ideas! Great for Sunday school lessons or at home. These bible games are perfect for kids who can read from 1st-6th grade. (homeschool, sunday school, Bible)

Learn the Books of the Bible

Make learning the books of the Bible fun with these games! You’ll love that both these ideas are quick and easy to throw together plus they are inexpensive to make and reusable for years of fun practice. Use these activities with kids of all ages who can read.

Cup Build Up Bible Game

You’ll need a sharpie and cups that stack with the lip still showing like these.
Write a name of the book on the lip of each cup. Hint: I used one color for Old Testament and another color for New Testament. This makes it easy if the kids are only working on one or the other.

Books of the Bible Activity with Cups Then on the top cup I put the total number of books in that section of the Bible along with the label of Old or New testament. Again, it is just a great visual to help kids remember how many books are in each section.


Discs of the Bible

Books of the Bible Actiivty with CD Spindels Here is another super easy activity to help kids practice putting the Books of the Bible in order. Just use a spindle and old (or new) CDs. Write a book of the Bible on each CD and stack them up from Genesis to Revelations.

Learning the books of the bible with this fun spoons of the Bible game Books of the Bible BOokmark printable 

Learn the Books of the Bible

Here are several fun activities we’ve used to help the kids learn the books of the Bible. They are well suited to most kids in elementary school. You may also like or Books of the Bible Snack, Books of the Bible bulletin board, and books of the Bible bookmark.

FREE Printable Bible Verse Cards - these free printable Bible verse cards will help your family hide God's word in your heart. Simply print on cardstock, practice, and meditate. #bible #bibleverses #sundayschool If you are looking for a super cute, fun, and memorable free creation crafts for sunday school - you will love this printable creation craft for Pre k, Preschool, Kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade Sunday school lessons. Whether you download and print in color or black and white, this days of creation craft will help kids remember what God created on each of the seven days according to the book of Genesis in the Bible. Lost Sheep parable Sunday School Lesson

Bible Printables for Kids

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  1. Laverne Avatar

    I get the Do for each activity but what is the lesson am I missing something?
    For example after writing the books of the Bible on the cups then what?
    After writing the books of the Bible on CDs then what?

    1. Beth Gorden Avatar

      Kids practice stacking the cups and cd’s in order. They will gain familiarity with the books of the Bible and what order the are in