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12 Disciples

This week in our Sunday School Lessons we talked about the calling of the 12 disciples.  Here is a fun bible craft,  kids activities,  and other ideas for teaching this Bible story to Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids.
12 Disciples Sunday School Lesson for kids from Preschool, Kindergarten to elementary ages! Hands on activities, free printable 12 disciples game, 12 disciples craft and more.

12 Disciples

This lesson was to go along with our Sunday School lesson from Matthew 4:18-22 and Matthew 9:9-13 where we talked about the 12 Disciples.

12 Disciples Activities

For the first 20 minutes of class we have several stations with activities to reinforce the lesson / point of today’s Sunday School Lessons.  We wanted the kids to not only remember the names of the 12 disciples, but that Jesus called them to become fishers of men.
12 Disciples Memory Game The kids played this free printable 12 Disciples Memory Game to learn who the 12 Disciples were.

12 Disciples Game for Kids

We also had a game where the kids tried to put a ping pong ball with each of the 12 disciples names in the egg carton. There are lots of adaptations to this simple, but effective activity

  • put magnetic stickers on ping pong balls and use a magnetic fishing pole to fish for the names
  • make it a relay where kids run from one end to the other to get a new name to bring back to the cartoon
  • one person activity where you sort through all the names to find the correct ones to fill you cartoon
  • when you find a name you need from the blue bowl you need to throw the ball to get it to land in the cartoon.

straw fishing acitvty for kids

We spread out a blue blanket as the water. In the middle we put a fishing net we happened to have and then put cut out paper fish all throughout the water.

Kid will use a straw to suck up the fish and move them to the net.

HINT: Make sure the fish are no longer than 4-5” of they get too difficult to move with suction power.

fishing for men sunday school activity

This was the kids favorite activity today! We slit a pool noodle down one side and used it to cover a hula-hoop.  We then used masking or duct tape to attach the ends. This made our fishing net soft enough to toss at kids!

Kids lined up behind a line we made on the floor using masking tape. More children (or leaders) stood on X’s that were about 5 feet away. The child in the front of the line tried to toss the net to catch another child becoming a “fisher of men”


Fishing for Men Bible Craft

Our craft today reminds us that Jesus called the 12 apostles and told them they would become fishers of men.

Fishers of Men 12 Disiples Bible Craft You will need the following per person:

  • dowel rod
  • paper clip
  • 12-15+ piece of yarn or string
  • 3 fish (see download below)

12 Disciples Sunday School Craft

This is such a cute, simple craft for a 12 Disciples or Fishers of Men Sunday School Lessons. This craft for kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade.

HINT: If you are doing this with kids under 2nd grade, I highly recommend cutting out the fish ahead of time.

FREE printable 12 disciples craft for kids Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade
Simple tie the yarn to the pole and to the paper clip.  Now use a hole punch through all 3 fish and put on the paper clip hook.

I highly suggest singing a version of the 12 Disciples Song to learn and review their names!

Other Ideas for 12 Disciples Lesson

  • Egg Cartoon 12 Disciplines Song (free printable)
  • Jesus Calls Apostles for Preschool (snack, fishing activity, and egg cartoon craft)
  • Mesh Fisher Men Craft (great for families)
  • Fish Sewing – Sew two paper fish together through hole punches with yarn
  • Musical Fish – Pass a cut out fish around the circle. When the music stops the one holding the fish is caught and should go in the “net”. Continue until there is only one fish left.

Books of the Bible BOokmark printable Learn the Books of the Bible with Lego Books-of-the-Bible-Bookcase-Activity

Learn the Books of the Bible

Here are several fun activities we’ve used to help the kids learn the books of the Bible. They are well suited to most kids in elementary school. You may also like or Books of the Bible Snack or the Books of the Bible bulletin board.

FREE Sermon Notes for Kids - help kids follow along with any sermon with one of these free printable simple sermon notes printable #sermonnotes #church #sundayschool FREE Printable Bible Verse Cards - these free printable Bible verse cards will help your family hide God's word in your heart. Simply print on cardstock, practice, and meditate. #bible #bibleverses #sundayschool  Kids will have fun practicing identifying the days of creation with this fun, free printable Creation BINGO game. This Bible game is perfect for homeschool families and Sunday school lessons for Preschool, Pre k, Kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students.

Bible Printables for Kids

12 disciples lesson becoming fishers of men jesus in the temple as a boy bible lesson craft activity Wordless Book Craft for kids making simple bead cross craft

Download Fishing for Men Craft

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