April 2, 2019
10 FUN Disney Countdown Ideas

10 FUN Disney Countdown Ideas


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If you are going on a family vacation to Disney World or Disneyland I’ve got 10 fun ways for your kids to countdown to Disney. (It includes 2 free printables!)
Disney 10 Countdown Ideas plus 2 free countdown printables #disney

FUN Disney Countdown Ideas

With our Disney World Planning coming up I wanted to share a couple fun ways to countdown to Disney.


1) Disney Pin Countdown

Disney Countdown Ideas using Disney Pins

This is actually how we are counting down to our 2013 Disney Vacation! Our family loves trading pins. We buy a lot on ebay for cheap and then trade them at Disney. {more on Disney pin trading}

To make this I just printed off a table I threw together in word with how many days we had until Disney. I rolled tape to attach the chart to a square cork board I got inexpensively at Target. I added some fun Mickey heads. You could add stickers or die cuts if you prefer.

Each morning the kids pick out a new pin to add to our countdown. The highest number visible is the number of days until Disney World!

We choose to start at 100 days so help my Kindergartner Minnie learn to count to 100. Every day she counts from 1 to 100. Each day more and more numbers are covered up and she has to remember more and more numbers. By day 60 she had them down pat!

Note: I wouldn’t start higher than 100 or the pins wouldn’t have enough room in the box. To print a 100 day chart make sure you set your margins to narrow so you get as much usable space in the boxes as possible.

>> Download Disney Pin Countdown Printable <<

2) Pop the Balloon – Disney Countdown

Disney Countdown Idea - Pop the Balloon
This simple, colorful pop the balloon Disney Countdown was a fun way for the kids to countdown to our 2012 Disneyland visit as part of our 3 week long road trip.

To make just fill up as many balloons as days you are counting down. Using a sharpie carefully draw on a Mickey shaped head. Write the numbers inside the head. I used tape to attach them to the wall and it came off without leaving a trace.  Then each day the kids would use a bamboo skewer to pop the next balloon. They thought it was a blast!

I mixed up the order of the balloons to help Goofy (1st grade) practice finding numbers out of order. With three kiddos in our family they took turns who got to pop the balloon.

Note: Please be mindful of popped balloon pieces as they pose a choking hazard to children. All sharp objects used to pop balloons should be used by careful adult supervision.

3) Mickey Disney Countdown

Mickey Mouse Inspired Disney Countdown Paper Chain
I love the cute Mickey head, pants, and contrasting yellow/white rings on this Mickey Disney Countdown from Mamas Like?!

4) Minnie and Mickey Ears Disney Countdown

Free Printable Mickey Mouse Disney World Countdown for Kids   Free Printable Mickey Mouse Disney World Countdown for Kids
I made these cute little Mickey & Minnie Ears to countdown to our 2011 Disney World Vacation we took with Grandma and Grandpa.
It was so great to help the kids visualize how many days we had to wait. Each day they would pull off the biggest number. At this point I only had 2 kiddos so Minnie pulled off the Minnie heads and Goofy pulled off the Mickey ones.

5) Paint Chip Disney Countdown

What a fantastic way to reuse Disney Paint samples into a quick to make, Paint Chip Disney Countdown by Craft Quickies.


6) Sweet & Simple Disney Countdown

Sweet & Simple Disney Countdown
If you don’t have a lot of time and just want a cute, simple countdown this Sweet & Simple Disney Countdown from Disney Scrappers is super cute.

7) Clothespin Disney Countdown

DIY Clothespin Disney Countdown - too cute!
This Clothespin Disney Countdown from Fiddle Dee Me has to be one of the cutest Disney countdowns I’ve seen. I’ve you’ve got some time this would be adorable! I love that you can add little things on the back of the numbers like things you will see at Disney, ways to prepare for the magic, movies to watch before hand {Disney movies you should watch before going to Disney World}, or gifts to prep for Disney.

8) Disney Countdown Garland

Countdown to Disney Garland
If you are short on space this Disney Countdown Garland from Sugarbee might be the perfect countdown for your family.

9) Disney Countdown Presents

Countdown to Disney Garland
Kids love getting simple gifts like stickers, beanie bag friends, pencils, etc. Disney Countdown Presents like these from The Crafting Misfit are a lot of fun for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary aged kids.

10) Characters on a Stick Disney Countdown

Disney Stick Puppets Countdown to Disney
Eager Little Mind came up with this unique Disney countdown using favorite Disney characters on a stick. This is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary aged kids.

11) Sticker Disney Countdown

Sticker Disney Countdown
Here is a simple and adorable Disney Countdown Idea from Reading Confetti.

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