Meeting Anna and Elsa at Disney World

Monday, June 23, 2014

Meeting Anna and Elsa at Disney World

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Are your kids dying to meet Anna and Elsa (From Frozen)? They can meet the famous sisters at the same time at Disney World. But you are going to read this so you are prepared wit tips and tricks to avoid the 5 hour line!
Disney! 3 Ways to See Anna & Elsa at Disney World in 15 minutes instead of over 5 hours! #disney #magickingdom #frozen

Anyone else have a Frozen fan in their house?

My kids LOVE Anna and Elsa from Disney’s latest smash hit Frozen. They have the toys, nightgowns, and costumes. We’ve made Frozen crafts and had a Frozen birthday party. But now my kiddos really wanted to meet Anna and Elsa.

Updated February 2016

Have you heard of the Frozen 5K?

The Frozen 5K is not really a race.

It is a nickname Disney cast members in the Magic Kingdom gave to the swarm of eager fans that ran, pushed, and shoved to get towards the middle of the Magic Kingdom to get to meet Anna and Elsa. Apparently, it got so bad that they had to change how they opened the park. No kidding!

When the park now opens at Magic Kingdom, the crowd will be slowly escorted down main street, through the castle and around the carousel. No one is allowed in front of the leading cast members who are slowly, carefully guiding guests to their destination without anyone getting hurt.


Where to Meet Anna & Elsa?

Anna and Elsa are in the Magic Kingdom Park back in Fantasyland. Just head straight down through main street, through the castle and they will be on your right inside Princess Fairytale Hall. You can either pick to see Anna & Elsa plus a visiting princess OR Cinderella, Rapunzel, and a visiting princess. 

What is the wait time to see Anna and Elsa at Magic Kingdom?

Get ready for this. The wait time to see Anna and Elsa from Frozen at the Magic Kingdom can averages 300 minutes each day, all day long. That is 5 hours!

Holy smokes, right?

The thing that surprises me most is how many people spend more than half of their day in this 5 hours line! I mean I like Anna and Elsa as much as the next mom, but YIKES!

Disney - Meeting Anna and Elsa and the Magic Kingdom

How to see Anna and Elsa while only waiting 15-30 minutes!

So you aren’t going to wait 5 hours (or more) to see you favorite Frozen characters. Good for you, we wouldn’t want to spend our day in line either. In fact, we didn’t. We saw Anna and Elsa in only 15 minutes and I can help you strategize to see your child’s favorite characters without the long wait.


This is the most convenient, sure way to see them. You can go online and reserve your 3 Fastpass+ up to 30 days in advance (60 days for Disney resort guests). Getting a Fastpass+ to see Anna and Elsa should be your top priority as it is the only sure way to see them quickly.

Note: You will no longer get a picture with Anna and Elsa together unless you head to Disneyland.

With a Fastpass+ your wait time will likely be under 15 minutes!

Early Morning Breakfast

Did you know you can get a reservation at Crystal Palace, Cinderella’s Royal Table, or Be Our Guest Quick Serve Restaurant for breakfast 1 hour before the park opens?

Not only will you get a magnificent picture in front of the castle with no one else in the way, but you will likely finish just in time to walk into Fantasyland before the opening crowds arrive. You will still walk around the carousel and into the line with the other guests who came for an early breakfast, but that will put you ahead of the several thousand eager guests just entering the park.
You will likely wait under 30 minutes!

Other Tips & Tricks for seeing Anna and Elsa

  • Get to the Magic Kingdom early and be first in line to enter the Magic Kingdom. You will likely not see the morning show, but you have to prioritize. Again, you will be behind all the breakfast guests, but your wait time should be under 60 minutes. (again, no guarantees though)
  • Arrive at the Magic Kingdom 60 minutes early. If you have a happy family that looks eager for the day you just might get picked to open the park, be the family of the day, or a multitude of other early entry surprises Disney has up their sleeves. We’ve gotten picked twice so far.
  • Don’t miss the Festival of Fantasy Parade daily at 3pm for a chance to see Anna and Elsa (along with many other favorite characters) on their very own float. This newly redone parade is amazing and definitely worth seeing. My family especially enjoyed the fire breathing dragon!
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  1. I love all your tips! We're going next month for the first time and I am *so* excited!! When you go an hour early, are there usually a lot of other families there? Do you just wait in line for an hour? Is the Magic Kingdom the only park that lets people in early? I could probably pick your brain all month for other tips, lol!

  2. Effective immediately, there is no standby line for Elsa and Anna. To see them, you must have a Fastpass. So showing up early doesn't get you in to see them anymore. :(

  3. Contrary to the above comment, we were just there the week before Thanksgiving and there was a standby line. It was a 120+ min wait the entire time we were there, so we were going to skip meeting them. Luckily we scored a FP while we were there! YAY! I kept checking regularly to modify our FP's and to see if by chance any opened up via the Disney app for my Disney account on my phone (we found openings for both Anna and Elsa and Toy Story Mania!). So if you don't have one ahead of time, remember to check FP availability regularly to see if you can get one while you are there :)!!!

  4. If you happen to have kids that can be effective night owls, you can utilize the late-night typical Saturday night evening magic hours (usually after midnight) to meet them with hardly any wait at all. We napped at our hotel from 6-9 pm then went back to the park. About 12:30 am, Anna and Elsa had hardly any wait so our girls were able to walk right in and meet them with NO WAIT!!!