Thank you Teachers!

You work hard to make learning fun and meaningful for child after child, year after year. Thank you for serving our communities by preparing tomorrow’s leaders!

During school closures due to COVID-19 you are welcome to share links to our posts on your classroom sites for parents to download our materials!

When life has settled down and you are back in the classroom (won’t that be wonderful!), some of our materials are free for all and some require teachers to purchase a Classroom License on our TPT store. Why? The way we make money to put food on the table (while still keeping our materials free for families) is through ad revenue. As long as we continue having lots of pageviews and interest in ads, the ad companies pay our salary so we can just bless others. Teachers download things once and use them over and over, year after year (as you should)! But…. that means you wont be visiting my site again and again 😉 Parents and homeschoolers download things every year for the age of children then have and next year are back to download materials for the next age group. The best solution I have come up with is to charge classroom teachers and homeschool coops a SMALL fee to help make up some of the difference. I hope you understand, we’d love to keep everything free for everyone all the time, but we have to pay bills for our site and pay contributor salaries as well.

teachers lifetime classroom license

If you’d prefer, you may purchase a lifetime license . With a lifetime license, you may freely use any of our 1+ million pages of printables on this website (which are constantly growing) for your immediate classroom from now until the end of time =) Just download, print, and use any and all of the resources with no need to purchase any TPT classroom license again.

Purchase a LIFETIME Classroom License      

SALE! Due to COVID 19 school closures we are offering our Lifetime Classroom License for 50% off!! Use promo code “ThankyouTeachers”. If you are interested, hurry – this deal won’t last!

Either way, please use our craft ideas, hands on learning suggestions, book recommendations, and find materials that you like and pop over to conveniently purchase the classroom license from our TPT Store. God Bless!

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