Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade


If you are looking for lots of fun interactive sight word games you are going to love Reading the Easy Way! It includes over 24 worksheets, 5 games, and 8 printable readers.

You’ve all been asking for the next in the Reading the Easy Way Series. I have been working hard to get the first grade reading one ready for you before summer and today it’s here! Presenting . . . Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade!

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In just 15 minutes a day / 5 days a week  your child will do fun activities, play games, complete 1st grade worksheets, and first grade reading books.  The program adds 5 new words every week and has 9 reinforcement activities to combine fun and repetition to have your child mastering key words and enjoying reading!

The program takes 8 weeks. Although it can be can be completed at any time, it is the perfect length to complete during the summer months to avoid the 30% summer learning loss! Your child will practice reading and truly master 1st grade Dolch sight words (both reading and spelling) to be ready to tackle the next school year!

Ages: 5-7

Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade - this is such a fun program that helps first graders practice reading sight words and gain fluency because of all the games, fun worksheets, and printable readers. #sightwords #firstgrade #reading

This program is based on the 1st Grade Dolch Word list . It can be used immediately after Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten OR for children in 1st grade. It is a wonderful supplement to a public school, private school, or homeschool language arts curriculum. Mastering the Dolch sight words is so important to helping your child read well and confidently!

What’s Included:

  • 8 Week Lesson Plan (little prep with clearly labeled sheets!)
  • Roll & Read Game / Flashcards
  • Trace! Read! Stamp! – 1st grade worksheets
  • Sight Word Coloring – 1st grade worksheets
  • Word Search – 1st grade worksheets
  • Trade’m Cars – first grade reading game
  • Chugga Chugga Sentences – building sentences game
  • Dino Feet – first grade reading
  • Safari Train Words – Game
  • Sight Word Bingo (2 versions) – Game
  • 8 First Grade Sight Word Readers – first grade reading

Weekly Activities At-A-Glance – For those of you who are more visual (like I am). Here is a sample of what you would do on a weekly basis. The included lesson plans go into more details.first grade reading and 1st grade worksheets

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