Homeschool World History Curriculum Volume 1 COMBO

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If you are teaching a wide range of children, having both our Digging into World History homeschool history curriculum AND the coordinating history coloring pages is a great way to keep everyone engaged and happily learning together. Save money by buying them together as a bundle here!

This 366 page package includes:

  • 92 World History Lessons for a complete year of homeschool history! For 23 weeks, you will learn about ancient civilizations from Creation to the Fall of the Western Roman Empire. There are 4 lessons a week; each lesson is 1-2 pages with ideas to dig deeper with video links, worksheets, project ideas, activities, and more. Plus weekly quizes to see what your students have learned and tests to grade for older student
  • 100 History Coloring Pages – Every lesson has a coordinating coloring page to print and give to your elementary age students to join in on the learning! They will color as they listen to the story. This allows them to follow along, remember the picture, and learn at their own level while still participiating in your world history lesson
  • Answer Keys – 55 pages of answers to our weekly quizes, mid term test, end-of-the-year-test, and world geography maps

Want to learn more? You can see our world history homeschool curriculum and world history coloring pages or see our world history lessons in action.

NOTE: This is a digital, downloadable file. No physical mateial will be shipped. This allows you to print as many copies as you need to for yor family or homeschool co-op of 35 students or less. For larger groups please purchase the appropriate quantity in multiples of 35 students.

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Digging into World History is a homeschool world history curriculum that allows you to quickly and easily teach all your children history together. We’ve made it easy to save time, money, and hassle preparing multiple homeschool history lessons. Our world history lesson plans include a complete year of history in 23 weeks. You will learn about the rise and fall of many ancient civilizations such as the Summerians, Greeks, Persians, Mayans, Romans, Babylonians, Assyrians, and more. You will learn about key historial figures like Julius Ceasar, Cleopatra, Attila the Hun, Spartacus, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Bar-Kohkobba, and more.  This product includes everything in a convenient package to save you money – lessons, worksheets, weekly quizes, tests, answer keys, AND history coloring pages that coordinate with every lesson!

3 reviews for Homeschool World History Curriculum Volume 1 COMBO

  1. Gena Redd

    I look forward to using this resource throughout this year for my oldest. This alongside all the free options this site has added to our daily curriculum, will surely make things easier on my first complete year of homeschooling for my son. I really appreciate this site and all it has to offer.❤️Thank you!

  2. Kendra Smith

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I wanted to do world history AND the Bible at the same time. This incorporates ALL of it! It’s perfect for our large span of grade levels (2nd through 8th!) and very well put together.

  3. Dotty

    I purchased the combo offer for World History volume 1. I am very excited to use this with my two boys who are very close in age. It was just what I was looking for this coming year. I hope they make a volume 2 as well.

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