Before Five in a Row & Five in a Row

Don’t you just love a good book? I sure do! That is probably why I love Before Five in a Row (ages 2-4+) & Five in a Row (ages 5-8) by Jane Claire Lambert so much. In these book she has picked some really good, classic books and provided a variety of activities to do alongside it. The idea is that you read the book five (days) in a row. There are suggested activities to help your kids explore math, science, social studies, geography, art, and more. There are TONS of great resources out there to enhance your study even more. I for one have created free printables to go along with many of these books. There are many more resources, you just have to search & sometimes stumble upon them. Hopefully my posts will give you some ideas, inspiration, and additional resources!

Click on a book below to see what we did the week we “Row”ed it! Don’t worry, there are more coming soon!