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    Individual Classroom License for 1 product


    If you are teaching in a classroom, coop, or church setting of 15+ students and would like to use one of our resources that is licensed for family use only you can purchase this classroom license. This allows you to satisfy our copyright requirements while using our product in your individual classroom. That does not allow you to sell, redistribute, or re-package our item. It is for YOU to use in YOUR classroom (or library, church, VBS, etc.) as needed. 

    No physical material will be shipped  or emailed. Please email  beth (@) 123homeschool4me.com with subject line CLASSROOM LICENSE and let us know what product you are licensing with your purchase. Each license is good for 1 product in 1 classroom.

    **If your group size is more than 50, please purchase an additional license. (Common situations are large library events, VBS, or school wide programs)

    • <50 1 license
    • 50-100 2 licenses
    • 100-150 3 licenses

    Please email with any questions beth (@) 123homeschool4me.com

  • Who Was Books Printable Worksheets

    Who Was Books Printable Worksheets


    Make sure kids have good reading comprehension as as they read biographies with these Who Was Books Printable Worksheets, coloring sheets, mini books, and study guides for elementary age kids. Study Guides included for: Albert Einstein, Dr. Seuss, George Washington, Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, Louis Armstrong, Paul Revere, Thomas Edison, and Thomas Jefferson.

  • History Coloring Pages

    World History Coloring Pages – Creation to Fall of Roman Empire


    World History Coloring Pages

    Learn about ancient civilizations like the Summerians, Egyptians, Han Dynasty in China, Golden Age of Greece, Mayans of MesoAmerica, Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt history and more with these printable world history coloring pages. The first Volume of our Digging into World History Coloring Pages includes 100 coloring pages covering almost 5000 years of histroy from creation to the fall of the ROman Empire. Use these with your homeschool history lessons as you teach homeschool history to elementary age students.

    You can grab coordinating world history lessons which includes 92 lessons, ideas to dig deeper for each lesson, worksheets, quizes, tests, and mapping activities too!

    NOTE: This is a digital, downloadable file. No physical mateial will be shipped. This allows you to print as many copies as you need to for yor family or homeschool co-op of 35 students or less. For larger groups please purchase the appropriate quantity in multiples of 35 students.