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4 Creative Ways to Build a Snowman

Come get inspired to build a snowman with creative snowman pictures. Every child should build a snowman every year – it’s the ultimate Winter Kids Activity.
Winter Activities for Kids - 4 Creative Ways to Build a Snowman

Chances are, wherever you live, you’ve had some good snow by now. If not, just pin this for reference later!

Creative Ways to Build a Snowman

Build a Pirate Snowman

Build a snowman pirate kids activity
Sure you could build a traditional snowman, but why do that when you can add a hat, eye patch, gold coin buttons, and a treasure chest to make a Pirate Snowman.

Build a Snowman Bunny

Build a snowman bunny winter activity
Now that we are being a little more creative with our snow formations, why not build a snowman bunny (or whatever other animal you like!)

Spray Paint your Snowman

Spray Paint a Snowman Winter Activity
If you do decide to build a traditional snowman, why not add some color. Just fill a squirt bottle with water and a drop or two of food coloring and your toddler or preschooler (who am I kidding Dad) can spray paint the snowman or the snow!

Build a Summertime Snowman

Febuary 2013 037
And now for my favorite way to build a snowman! When you are in the middle of winter and wishing for some warm sunshine you can build a snowman like our summertime snowman and pretend you are in a different season. But maybe, just maybe you won’t need to be once you have this quite guy to look at!

How does you family like to build a snowman?


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