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Valentines Day Clip Cards – Numbers 11-20

During February, it’s fun to add some creativity to our learning centers and Valentines Day Clip Cardsused for identifying numbers 11-20 are just the thing to get the kids excited about numbers! This activity is perfect for Kindergarten or first grade kids struggling with their teen numbers.

FREE Valentines Day Count and Clip Cards to help Preschoo, Prek, and Kindergarten practice counting from 11-20 on ten frames. Perfect for math centers, homeschool, extra learning,and Valentines Day math activity

Valentines Day Clip Cards

These fun Valentines Day Clip Cards are sure to be a hit with your students as they practice counting from 11-20 on ten frames.

They are versatile and easy to prep, just print, laminate and cut them apart. You’re ready to go!

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Children learning their numbers often find it difficult to remember numbers 11-20.

As they begin counting, they start to gain confidence once they understand that putting things together will give us a sum of the items. Understanding these numbers often require more than just counting. When the children see the digit, they should be able to visualize the number of items in their heads or count them on their fingers starting from any number. For instance, struggling students will benefit tremendously from seeing eleven actual items drawn on the board next to the digit 11. This is why incorporating ten frames at this point is essential to their understanding.

These clip cards help students count the ten frames and add using their fingers or the ten frames to clip the sum. Plus, these cards are great for kids to work on their fine motor skills by using pegs to clip the cards!

count and clip cards to help preschool, prek, and kindergarten practice counting 11-20

To prepare

  • Download these count & clip cards (below)
  • Print either the color or the black and white option. Use card stock or laminate the pages.
  • Cut the cards out on the dotted lines.

To play

  • Place the cards on the table, you could use two empty baskets to distinguish between the cards that are completed.
  • Have the kids choose a card, they can then count the number of dots on the ten frames and finally clip their cards. They can use a dry erase pen to color the box with the sum too!

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