I am a big vacation person. I don’t think vacation has to be expensive, in an exotic location, or over the top to be truly good. 
A vacation is good because it gives you intentional, dedicated, and uninterrupted time to have fun and build memories with the people you care about. That’s it! I don’t care if you go camping, on the great American road trip, travel to Europe, Cruise around Antarctica, or spend a week in Disney – the important thing is you are together having fun & making memories!
My best memories growing up were on vacation. My parents were busy teachers with lots of evening & weekend grading. But once a year we went on vacation. On vacation we got their undivided attention. Because I grew up in Europe our road trips usually meant seeing another European country (I know – it was rough =-) but it wasn’t really about where we were, but that we were there together!
Beth’s Vacation Planning Ideas:
  • Do or see something new together
  • Tasting new food or have a special treats
  • Planningg is key to having fun, doing everything you want to (i.e. have fun, see Grand Teton, go white water rafting, etc).
  • Some of the best moments on vacation are unplanned, spontaneous moments so plan for lots of free time.
  • YOU CAN DO VACATION! I know more families could go on vacation. If you put a little money aside each month it grows quickly. Many vacations can be quite inexpensive:
    1. Yellowstone – drive there, camp at state parks enjoying God’s beauty around you, hike, follow animal trails, pack picnic lunches & cook over campfire $500 (give or take)
    2. Cruise – You can find some amazing deals out there for off season or last minute cruises. We love cruises because everything is included: amazing food, live music, nightly musical shows, magic acts, pool, childcare, transportation between ports, room, etc. You can go on a 7 day cruise for a family of 5 for just over $1000. No kidding! You just have to watch for the deals!
    3. Disney – One of my all-time favorite places to go! Disney brings out the kid in all of us. Everyone is so friendly, the shows are amazing, and even infants can go on most of the rides (who knew right?) Did you know the longer you stay at Disney the cheaper it gets (up to 10 days)? It’s true! Did you know you should never pay full price on a vacation? I’ve gotten 50% of room rates or free Disney Dinning Plan. So for our family of 2 adults & 3 kiddos 7 day park tickets, hotel, transportation to/from airport, free shuttle around Disney property, magic hours, and free food costs $1600. For just $500 you can make it a 10 day vacation.
    4. Missions Trip – Our church offers a week missions trip to Canada for $1500 a family (accommodations, transportation, and food included). What a wonderful way to use time off – serving the kingdom of God together!
    5. Staycation – Plan to spend time deliberately seeing some of the sights that make where you live special. Remember you won’t have to pay for lodging!
I love planning vacation. So expect to see more tips on planning, keeping kids happy while traveling, great deals, and what we do on vacation. Life everything in life, if you aren’t intentional – it won’t happen. Don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to spend quality, fun, memorable times with your family!

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