November 12, 2022
Train Number Puzzle

Train Number Puzzle


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Help kids practice their numbers with this free printable train puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers.
Train Number Puzzles - This free printable puzzle for toddler and preschool kids help kids practice ordering number from 1-10 and counting animals in each train car. So CUTE!

Help toddlers and preschooler learn their numbers.

This free printable Train Number Puzzle from Totschooling is such a bright colorful way for kids to practice counting from 1-10.

number trains
If your child is ready to count higher or if you have older children make sure you take a peak at my free printable Number Trains. Number trains includes:

  • Counting 10- (PreK)
  • Counting 1-20 (PreK/K)
  • counting 1-30 (K)
  • Counting 1-50 (K/1st)
  • Counting 1-100 (1st)
  • Counting by 2s (1-10 K / 1-100 1st)
  • Counting by 5s (1-50 K /1 –100 1st)
  • Counting by 10s (1-50 K /1 –100 1st)
  • Odd Numbers (1st)
  • Even Numbers (1st)

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