American Revolution for Kids

Kids will relive the exciting and dangerous years of the American Revolution on America’s path to Independence as they study this free history for kids unit. Included are lesson plans, creative educational activities, free printables, and more.

American Revolution for Kids - fun, hands on history unit for kindergarten - 6th grade students! Includes 4 week lesson plans with creative, fun educational activities to make history come alive and FREE worksheets, lapbook, and timeline of the Revolutionary War #revolutionarywar #americanrevolution #homeschooling

American Revolution for Kids

It is important for kids to learn how the United States of America came to be! But reading about it in a textbook will not make their hearts race with excitement, their imaginations soar, and their sense of loyalty and patriotism depend. Make history come alive with this fun, exciting American Revolution for Kids unit for kids from kindergarten through 6th grade.
Each of the 4 lessons include book recommendations, creative activities, free printables, and more! So grab the family to learn together and get ready to make history fun!
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1 – War is Brewing

Students will learn what events lead up to the American Revolution including taxes, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party and more. Kids will participate in memorable, educational activities to make the information stick. Famous figures like Benjamin Franklin, Samul Adams, King George III, Patrick Henry, and time period clothes will be studied as well as adding to a free revolutionary war lapbook and timeline.
Reenact Paul Revere’s infamous ride, puzzle over who fired the first shot, practice being ready at a moments notice like the colonial minute men, and learn about other famous figures like John Hancock, Daniel Morgan, and Adam & Abigail Adams. Plus add toy our free lapbook and timeline to make it all fit together and provide for easy review.
Take a virtual tour of Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the 2nd Continental Congress met to sign the Deceleration of Independence Then learn about the Crossing of the Delaware, Daniel Morgan and the Battle of Freeman’s Farm, make a working spy cipher, and our first flag. Add to the free American Revolution lapbook and timeline including newly studied figures George Washington, spy Nathan Hale, Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, Baron von Steuben, Lafayette, and more.

Finish this fun, memorable American Revolution for Kids unit with America gaining her independence. Your kids will enjoy the informative and historically accurate Liberty Kids, learn about cold feet for soldiers in Valley Forge, take a virtual field trip to Valley Forge, learn about rolling cartridges,  and make dragon pistols. Kids will discover new figures like women in war, Lord Charles Cornwallis, Benedict Arnold, and John Paul Jones. They will finish their timeline and lapbook which make a great keepsake of your study and wonderful way to review everything you’ve learned.