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Books of the Bible Pool Noodle Stack

Here is a fun activity to help kids learn the Books of the Bile or the alphabet.

Pool Noodle Kids Activities - Help kids learn the alphabet or Books of the Bible with this fun, hands on idea using pool noodles! Preschool-3rd grade #booksofthebible #poolnoodle #alphabet

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Books of the Bible Pool Noodle Stack

This simple pool noodle activity is perfect for learning the Books of the Bible or your alphabet letters. Either way, here is how to make it:

Hint: If using to make the Books of the Bible I would make the Old Testament in one color and the New Testament slices in another so the pieces are easily separated.

Here is what you need:

  • 3/4” PVC pipe (to make the stand & tower – ours was 48” tall)
  • Joists (depending on the size you want
  • Pool Noodles (1 if doing ABC, 2 if doing Old & New Testament Books)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie

Learn the Books of the Bible

cut a slit up the back of the pool noodle so kids can sneak in any they miss

After you’ve made your stand you are going to need to cut your pool noodle – first all the way up the back, then into 1-2” slices.

Note: The reason we cut it all the way up the back is so that if kids miss a letter or book of the Bible you can easily stick it in there.

Bible Games

pool noodles are great for learning the alphabet or the books of the bible

On each pool noodle wedge write a letter or book of the Bible.

Pool Noodles make great learning fun for Preschool - 3rd grade

If using for alphabet letters this activity is best suited for Preschool & Kindergarten age kids. In that case you may want to make it shorter as they won’t be tall enough to put the pieces over the top. Of for a no-prep activity print on of our free Alphabet Printables.

If using to learn the Books of the Bible, the activity is best suited for 1st-3rd Grade students. In that case making it 48” tall is perfect for the height of the kids and the number of books you need to fit in.

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  • Thank you for your terriffic ideas for teaching the books of the Bible. I teach an after school Bible Club and one of my goals for this year was to teach the kids the Bible books. Can’t wait to make the pool noodles and styrofoam cups. I’ll probably make the Dominos and legos as well. Also excited to play creation bingo. Our series this year is Genesis so your creation ideas will be great too. Thanks again for helping me make learning mire fun and exciting. God bless.

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