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Bingo Marker Letter Mystery Picture Worksheets

Help kids practice identifying  alphabet letters with these fun bingo marker mystery puzzles. These free Alphabet Printables for kids are idea for Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade kids. As they...

FREE Number Worksheets

Help kids get the practice they need with numbers with these free printable number math worksheets for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade kids.

FREE Daily Calendar Notebook

These free printable daily calendars are such a great tool to help kids learn days of the week, months, numbers, and many other skills we sneak in. There are various options for kids from Toddler...

FREE Kindergarten Daily Calendar Notebook

Kids will get the practice they need learning day of the week, month, telling time, hundreds, seasons, weather graphing, counting to 100 and more with these free Kindergarten Daily Calendar Notebook.

How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag

You have to try this summer activity for kids! It is quick, easy, and FUN to make ice cream in a bag. Here is our favorite recipe plus step-by-step instructions for this kids activities .

Summer Reading

Help your kids have lots of fun this summer with summer reading. Here is everything you need to pick the best books, find local reading programs, make your own reading program, reading printables...

Melted Pony Bead Craft for Kids

Make beautiful summer crafts for kids out of pony beads. They make great sun catchers, colorful mobile, coasters, decorations, or sculptures out of melted pony beads. This is a great kids activities...

Bubble Painting for Kids

Do your kid love blowing bubbles? Here is a fun twist on that classic childhood summer activity by making Bubble Painting outside. This modern art project is a fun bubble art to hang on your walls.

FREE New Year’s Eve Coloring Pages

Here are some fun and FREE printable New Year’s Eve Coloring Pages for Toddlers and Preschoolers to color. Perfect to ring in the new year with kids!

Christmas Slime Recipe for Play

Kids will love this fun, silly Christmas Slime Recipe for Play. This is a great Christmas activity for kids of all ages.

August Activity Calendar for Kids

End summer just as strong as you started with this no prep, FRE August Activity Calendar for Kids perfect for kids of all ages!

FREE June Summer Activities Guide

Get ready for summer without all the prep work with this FREE June Summer Activities Guide perfect for kids of all ages this summer.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! All right folks.  Christmas is less than a week away. (I think December flies by faster every year!) It is time for me to unplug and just focus on creating priceless memories with my...

O Christmas Tree Bath

Our themed baths have become one of my kids  most anticipated activities. Today’s theme was O Christmas Tree! Here is our Christmas Bath.

FREE Pennsylvania Worksheet Pack

In preparation for our homeschool social studies next year where we are studying the United States of America,  I am creating State Printable Packs for our unit – US States for Kids ...

FREE Utah Worksheet pack

Utah Worksheets for Kids Next state for our homeschool social studies unit studying the United States of America is Utah,  Don’t miss all our free state worksheets from our  US...